Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine is proud to offer three different Scholar Tracts that students can join during their medical education: Global Health Scholars, Urban Health Scholars, and Rural Health Scholars.

As Global Health Scholars, we are interested in the intersection of healthcare with globalism, culture, finances, and politics. Our scholars originate from all over this world and come together to share their experiences and learn more about medical systems and healthcare services throughout our planet.

In addition, Global Health Scholars can:

      • Participate in multiple trips throughout the year to broaden their exposure and understanding
      • Connect with Alumni for career development and further insight into the field of global health
      • Network with global health-focused organizations at other medical schools
      • Receive the tools to build or participate in a clinical and/or research activity outside of the United States during their time at Geisel.
      • And much more!


Please explore the offerings of our organization as well as our partners on this website. If any questions arise, please contact us directly through the website.