Unite For Sight, a trip report

Last weekend I attended the Unite For Sight conference with Peace, Luca, and Michaela. This was my first conference ever.

The highlight for me was a lecture series about technology and global health. Six speakers told us about their projects. A middle-aged woman showed us a text-message program that reminded diabetics from her clinic in Tijuana to check their blood sugar. A young undergraduate told us about his database that organized medical records for patients in the Amazon. The room was so crowded that there wasn’t even room to sit on the floor or stand by the wall. People buzzed with questions. It seemed like everyone was working on similar projects and the lectures felt like a chaotic collaboration. “What operating system does that program run on? Do you need a smartphone? How did you train care workers to operate it?” The audience was excited almost to a fault. People felt giddy. We resonated. If I had to say what it was that brought us together in that room, it was a shared love for building things that make life better for other humans.

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