Student Spotlight – Tlalli Moya-Smith: Policy Options for Youth Cannabis Use Interventions in Greenland

This summer, Sarah Bennett, Zohra Aslami, Ulunnguaq Markussen and I worked in collaboration with Allorfik, the substance use treatment arm of the Greenlandic Ministry of Health, on a health policy research project in Greenland. Our task was to collect information regarding available treatments for cannabis use in youth populations, especially rural, Indigenous, and Arctic populations, and to determine which programmatic elements and delivery methods from our research would be applicable in the Greenlandic context. We made these assessments by conducting in-country interviews with psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, and others who had experience working with youth. The culmination of the project was a health policy brief delivered to the Greenlandic Ministry of Health.

Funding was graciously provided by the John Sloan Dickey Center Global Health Initiative.

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