Free App for Meditation, Relaxation & More – Headspace

About Headspace:
Headspace uses clinically-researched techniques for meditation to improve mindfulness, stress levels, sleep patterns and more. They have sessions that are concentrated around different focuses, which you get to personalize based on what you currently feel that you need.

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The app is free and has a lot of good free content, with the premium version users having access to the full library that Headspace offers.

Check out this video on how the app works (and its cute graphics!):

More about the app, and the science behind it, on their website:

Feel free to try it out, let us know how it went!
GrIND has offered interested students access to the premium subscription (April 2020). If you are seeing this at a later time and interested, feel free to contact us to see what we can do to help out with this!

Free App to Help with Setting and Keeping Track of Goals and Habits

Today we want to introduce Habitica, a useful free app that allows you to “gamify your life”.

How it Works:

When you install the app, you get a level 1 character with basically no perks, weak stats etc. In order to level up and be able to buy gear to improve your stats, you set things you are trying to accomplish under 3 categories: Habits, Dailies and To Dos. You can set the level of difficulty and due dates, as well as reminders, and every time you accomplish one of them you get XP and gold coins.

The better you do in real life about this habits or tasks, the more your little character will grow into a great adventurer.
Also, you can use this as a collab tool, join challenges from others, or make a group of friends and challenge each other to hold yourselves accountable and have fun in the process.

The Resurgence of GrIND!

Welcome to new students and everyone making their way back to campus, and those who have been here throughout the summer. We are working towards bringing GrIND back starting with a seminar series this fall! Stay tuned for seminar descriptions and RSVP links. We are also looking for new members who want to get involved in planning GrIND events and activities – get in touch with us at!


Welcome to the GrIND

Graduate Students in Need of Decompression (GrIND) is a student led group at the Thayer School of Engineering that seeks to promote the general health and wellness among all graduate students.  Maneuvering through graduate school can be a difficult proposition, even without taking into account the academic side of the equation.  Learning how to manage your time effectively, not get too stressed/anxious/depressed, getting along with your advisor, learning your way around a new area or culture, writing a thesis, finding time to exercise or spend time with your family, etc….these can all be significant factors affecting your overall outlook on life and your academic performance.  Through the GrIND, we hope to provide students with a local network of peer-based moral support as well as a structured and healthy approach to managing day-to-day graduate school life.


You are Not Alone!

Think you are the only one who is struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression?  Maybe you are not sure how best to manage your time?  Well, you are not alone!  Shown below are the results from a recent GrIND survey of 48 graduate students at the Thayer School of Engineering when asked, “If attending a seminar, what topic(s) would you be most likely to attend?”  These results really speak to the need for all students to adopt a structured approach in managing their mental health and time while in graduate school.  This is what the GrIND hopes to provide.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.49.16 AM

In descending order from top, Efficient Time Management, Work/Life Balance, Advisor/Student Relationships, Stress/Anxiety/Depression, Thesis/Journal Writing, Transitioning into the “Real” world, Specific Challenges for International Students, Specific Challenges for Families/Couples.