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Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop

by Samantha Sobol

January 22, 2018

Graduate students making vision boards for the new year and beyond. Photo: Samantha Sobol

To start off the new year, Graduate Student Activities Coordinator, Sara Perz-Hintz, organized a gathering of students to create a visual representation of where they want to be in the next year. The overall tone of the event was friendly and it was a great way to meet other grad students! It was cool to see how everyone's vision board was a unique representation of themselves. The light-hearted crafting environment made it a comfortable place to delve into self-development. The worksheets were a very helpful way to plan for the upcoming year and even included goal-setting for five and ten years from now. I didn't expect to think about how my life might be a decade from now. Thinking about plans from a bigger-picture perspective was beneficial for me. 

See if you can make a vision board on your own and include goals for the future. We don't get much time to think about what we will do after graduate school. But take 10 minutes this weekend and ask yourself where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to be near after graduation. Then start setting smaller short-term goals to make those things happen. Does anyone know of a resource to help with this kind of planning? Comment on this post to start a conversation and share resources!