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Event Recap: Women in Science Post-doctoral and Graduate Student Panel

by Samantha Sobol

January 29, 2018

Panel members of post-doctoral and graduate student women speaking on issues women face in the sciences. PC: Samantha Sobol

The Women in Science Post-doctoral and Graduate Student Panel event was a safe space for the Dartmouth community to discuss effective ways to navigate sexism that is pervasive, especially in the STEM professional world. Individuals on the panel shared their personal experiences with how they have been able to triumph over gender discrimination as a woman in academia and in STEM. The event also included dinner where GWISE students and the overall graduate community could interact. Even as a student affiliated with MALS, I found this event to be incredibly inspiring and useful. This is the type of event that creates an open dialogue so change can be effectuated against gender inequality.

A group of attendees and volunteers participating in the game after the panel to workshop skills to have in the sciences. PC: Samantha Sobol

The workshop was an effective way to think about what is most critical to have a good workplace environment. Smaller groups were formed to talk about what issues we individually think are necessary for a positive workplace. A few ideas were selected from each group and then we debated in a larger discussion, weighing the pros and cons of each concept. Some of these ideas included having consistent research results and open-mindedness. The debate exercise was a valuable way to practice conveying our ideas verbally on the spot. As a collective group we voted on two issues discussed that were most important to us. We unanimously said that there is no place for sexism of any kind within any environment, in particular a professional one and that working overtime shouldn’t be a constant in a person’s schedule.


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