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Dear Dartmouth, ily

by Sadie Doran **Blog Competition**



Applying to Dartmouth to pursue my masters in engineering management is part of my “Top 5 Best Things I’ve Done in My Life” (thus far) list. Here’s why: I drove towards Dartmouth on the first day of orientation in September, really nervous, but also with a good gut feeling. Going into undergrad at Syracuse University, I was certain that my random roommate would be my best friend, my life would be like the college photos - and let’s just say life smacked me in the face when I was crying every day and missing home. I actually did cry as I pulled into Hanover that day for orientation (but those were pure  uncontrollable happy tears). In comparison to the larger school community that Syracuse was, Dartmouth automatically felt like my kind of niche environment. Joining a class with interesting people from all over the world, able to share experiences and motivate each other has consistently been a great place to learn and grow. My 7 months here have gone by too fast, but I am so looking forward to the memories yet to be made. It is hard to believe how my life would be different if I had never found the Dartmouth. MEM program…but we don’t need to talk about that. Alright, I am being kind of sappy and cheesy about my love for Dartmouth (blah blah), BUT of course there are hard times that come with being a graduate student. A heavy workload, high expectations, being broke (AF), surrounded by brilliant people (who in the end make you smarter and better, but also slightly intimidate you). I think those tough late nights spent understanding one little topic make it all worth it and I would not trade them for the world. We’re all learning & growing into “adulting” together – so support one another and appreciate all that Hanover has to offer. I feel really lucky to be here in case you have not noticed.




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