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Go Forth with the GSC: 2019 Computational and Systems Neuroscience (CoSyNe), Lisbon, Portugal

By Hung-Tu Chen, Student Professional Development Support Fund Recipient

Hung-Tu with his poster at the 2019 CoSyNe conference.

CoSyNe is major conference for the exchange of experimental and theoretical/computational approaches to problems in systems neuroscience. This year, the conference was held in in Lisbon, Portugal. Due to a record-high number of applications this year, only a subset of abstracts are selected. Fortunately, I was able to attend and present at this conference.

My poster was titled "Between-
subject prediction reveals a shared representational
geometry in the rodent hippocampus". Our work provides a novel computational analysis to investigate the latent structure shared across subjects using electrophysiological neural data.

Going to CoSyNe 2019 was a valuable experience for my development of graduate career as it was my first time to present my work in Dartmouth in a major conference. I learned a lot about research outside my field, exchanged exciting ideas with other neuroscientists, and obtained feedbacks that may help to explain why our method works and guide the future direction of this project. I am extremely grateful for the financial support provided by the Graduate Student Council Student Support Fund.

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