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Living in the US as a foreigner and studying with people from all over the world can sometimes make you feel alienated, embarrassed, or misunderstood due to different value systems and ways of communicating.

In this workshop, we will explore these culture bumps in order to improve our intercultural communication skills. Following a 10-minute video on Cross-Cultural Communication, we will break out into small groups to discuss what makes your culture different from those of your professors or fellow international graduate students.

We will be comparing our different cultural norms and customs based on the dimensions of national culture established by Social Psychologist Geert Hofstede.

The insight gained from this workshop will help you
•   to be more tolerant and understanding of cultural differences
•   avoid culture bumps through enhancing your cultural competence
•   navigate intercultural differences at Dartmouth and in the work place.

Please try to be on time for the workshop and bring your laptop or tablet.

The hour-long workshop will be followed by IGMP’s Pre-Christmas Evening Social in the same location.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Melina Gehring, Multilingual Specialist and International Graduate Student Advisor at the Graduate Office.

Join us, the International Graduate Mentorship Program (IGMP), in our first event for the 2015/2016 academic year! We will provide pizza, desserts, and awesome music at One Wheelock, Collis. This is a great chance for you to meet new graduate students from Dartmouth.

Everyone is invited, international and local students. Come one, come all!

Join the International Graduate Mentor Program (IGMP) for a Wednesday evening social. We will have pizza, beverages, and many different desserts.
During the first hour of this event, Multilingual Specialist Melina Gehring invites you to an informal exchange of thoughts surrounding your experiences as international students. To kick off the discussion, Amira Hamouda (MALS ’16) and Pin-Hao (Andy) Chen (PBS  ’16) will chat about their research on the cultural adjustment of international graduate students at Dartmouth and share some of the cultural challenges they have met themselves.