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Block Funding

Block funding is a discretionary fund granted to GSC recognized student organizations which allows them to plan additional/larger events throughout the year.

Eligibility for Block Funding

Any GSC recognized graduate group in good standing with the GSC may request block funding by using the Application for Block Funding form below.

A graduate groups is considered to be in good standing as long as:

  • The group hosts at least one meeting or event per term.
  • The group advertises meetings and events through the appropriate channels (i.e., GSC Event Calendar, DartGrad Weekly, GSC Facebook page, etc.)
  • The group utilizes GSC requested funding.
  • The group is current on their block funding term reports (applicable only for groups with previous block funding).
  • The group is represented at the GSC Fall Term Town Hall.

Block Funding Limit and Procedure

Up to $1000 can be requested from the GSC for block funding.

  • The block funding request must be submitted by Friday, August 16, 2019.
  • Financial Responsibility: Up to four individuals from each club may be identified as Financial Representatives and will handle money exchanges between their group and the GSC.  These four individuals will be the only representatives allowed to receive reimbursements or cash advancements from the GSC.
  • Block funding does not affect standard funding requests. Additional funding may be requested from the GSC through standard funding requests on an per-event basis.

Block Funding Usage

  • All events supported by block funding must be inclusive, open to all graduate students. Inasmuch, they must be advertised through the appropriate channels (i.e., GSC Event Calendar, DartGrad Weekly, GSC Facebook page, etc.).
  • A student group may not overdraw the amount of block funding granted.
  • Once approved for block funding, this form is considered a binding written contract between the GSC and the requesting student group. Any violation of the these terms is considered an infraction by the student group and will be dealt with as outlined in the Infraction Clause.

Block Funding Report

At the end of each term, each group which receives block funding must file an end-of-term report. Please use the block funding term report form for submission.

Funding Period

  • Groups must use awarded funds by August 16 of the following year.
  • Remaining funds do not roll over to the following school year.
  • If a group wishes to hold events during the interim period between the end of the funding period and the beginning of the next school year, they may do so by submitting standard funding requests on a per-event basis.

Any request for funds must follow all GSC funding procedures in addition to those listed here.

Application for Block Funding

Request: Block Funding

Organization Leader

Current Organization Faculty Advisor

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Financial Rep 2

Financial Rep 3

Financial Rep 4


Tentative Organization Schedule

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