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Conference Travel Grant

Eligibility for Conference Travel Grant

All applicants must be graduate or professional students at Dartmouth College from either 1) School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, 2) Thayer School of Engineering, 3) The Dartmouth Institute, and presenting their own research (talk/poster) at the conference.

A student may only receive a GSC Conference Travel Grant once every three academic years at Dartmouth College, including interruptions of student status.

Travel Grant Funding and Procedure

One award of $1,000 will be granted per term.

Applications for the GSC Conference Travel Grant must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the student's advisor or program chair. An email will be automatically sent to the listed individual notifying them of your application submission. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the letter of recommendation is received by the application deadline.

All recipients of the GSC Conference Travel Grant must:

  1. Host a small presentation/talk open to graduate students to hear about your experience, or write an article for the GSC to publish.
  2. Submit a photograph of the student presenting at the conference.
  3. Submit a Business Expense Reimbursement (BER) within 30 days of the conference, following the funding reimbursement procedure found on the GSC website.

Failure to adhere to these conditions is forfeit of the travel grant.

Eligibility for the GSC Conference Travel Grant is based on presentation of the recipient's own research at a conference. In the event a recipient will no longer present their work at the conference, the GSC Academic Chair must be notified immediately.

Application Timeline

Applications may be submitted up to two terms in advance of the conference. Applications are reviewed during term interim periods and grants are awarded the first day of each term.

All application materials must be submitted by the deadline, no exceptions.

Application Deadline Conference Date
November 19th 2019 (Fall term classes end) November 27th 2019 – June 24th 2020 (Winter & Spring terms)
March 6th 2020 (Winter term classes end) March 12th  2020 – September 13th 2020 (Spring & Summer terms)
June 2nd 2020 (Spring term classes end) June 8th 2020 – March 28th 2020 (Fall & Winter terms)
August 26th 2020 (Summer term classes end) September 1st 2020 – June 23rd 2021 (Winter & Spring Terms)

No retroactive applications will be considered. Rejected applicants are encouraged to apply again in future terms.

Review Process

Application for GSC Conference Travel Grant

Now accepting Spring '18 applications.

Application: Conference Travel Grant





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