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Dept Representative Nominees

Academic Year 2017-18

Biochemistry (2 seats)

  1. Adrianna De La Torre: 

    I would like to be a representative to be more involved with and serve graduate students in my department, along with other departments. I think it is important to continue to maintain a sense of community not only among graduate students, but also with the rest of Dartmouth. I want to help keep and uphold this connection by being a GSC rep!

  2. Muhammad Abudakar Khan: 

    I would like to serve as a representative on the Graduate Student Council because I want to translate my people skills to do some good. My department has people  from different backgrounds and I understand that. Their issues are something I empathize with and therefore I believe I have the intrinsic motivation to get out there and do some good work! I would be an ideal candidate for the council position because I can be the face of diversity that is critical to the essence of what it is to study at Dartmouth! I feel like it's time I do my part to make this council exemplary.

  3. Sarah Valles: 

    Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Valles. I am currently a third year in the Compton lab. I would like to be a representative for the Biochemistry & Cell Biology department and be a helpful liaison between my department and the rest of the graduate community. Personally, I enjoy the graduate social activities and would love to be a part of the decisions that make these events possible for us all to enjoy.Thank you!

Biological Sciences (2 seats)

  1. Muhammad Abdul Haseeb: 

    I want to help my fellow students and unite them in this academic journey to create a culture of always being there for one another. I want to make sure that the interests and voices of my fellow students are heard by the relevant authorities. I also want to organize fun activities and events of all kind so that we all can have the best ever stay at Dartmouth College.

Chemistry (2 seats)

  1. Kaitlyn Connelly: 

    Since my time at Dartmouth, I have been involved with the GSC and have worked hard trying to get others involved. I remember being nervous about being nervous about starting at Dartmouth and found new friends through being involved with the GSC. I served as a department representative during my first year here and as Student Life Chair my second year. When my tenure was over I continued to be an active part of the community. I still have ideas and want to continue to help strengthen our graduate community so all our members can feel comfortable and represented while at Dartmouth.

  2. Michael Ko: 

    During my years at Dartmouth, the graduate student community has had a very positive impact in my life. I would like to take a larger role in the community, as a department of chemistry representative, to continue to improve the graduate experience for the chemistry department and graduate community overall. 

  3. Hao "John" Zhang:
    I want to support graduate housing, social events/budget and service events. I would like to work under Sally Demirdjian in the service committee because I have experience working on service events.

Comparative Literature (1 seat)

  1. none

Computer Science (4 seats)

  1. Chuankai An: 

    As a senior PhD student, I would like to serve for both CS department and GSC before graduation. After several years at Dartmouth, I could make suggestions for better development of our community based on my experience and our fellow students' expectation about GSC.

  2. Taylor Hardin:
    I think it's unfortunate that so many of us take a backseat when it comes to building and adding to our graduate community (myself included). Our department, for example, has 4 seats in the GSC, and yet we are only taking advantage of one. I hope that by joining the GSC I can help foster departmental relationships (both internally and externally), as well as get more people involved in the graduate community.

  3. Anja Subasic: 
    I would like to join the GSC because I want to see Computer Science students interact more with each other, as well as with students from other departments. I have met several people in the department who have been here for a few years who told me they only knew one or two people in the department. By joining the GSC I hope to start changing this, as well as the department's involvement on campus.

Digital Music (1 seat)

  1. none

EARS (1 seat)

  1. Jessica McDaniel: 

    I am accepting because it seems like the best opportunity to encourage positive change for Dartmouth graduate students. The Grad college is a relatively new development and I think this will help it strengthen.

  2. Huanping Huang: 

    I served as my department representative one year ago. It will be nice to come back and do the same thing but in a better way, i.e. connect EARS graduate students with a larger student body and administration, and advocate for positive changes in our community.

EEES (1 seat)

  1. Hunter Snyder: 

    I am interested in helping my graduate program cultivate a stronger presence in the graduate community and ultimately helping our graduate community increase its recognition within the College. I'd like to share my classmates' ideas for developing our graduate community with other graduate students, and to share new and existing opportunities with my classmates.  

Engineering (4 seats)

  1. Shuen Hon: 

    I'd be happy to represent Thayer in the GSC once again, and keep Thayer students up to date with events and activities within the larger graduate community.

  2. Hira Shahzad Sardar: 

    A striking feature of the graduate community of Dartmouth is its diversity. As an international student at Thayer who is resolved to reach out to people of every calibre and to understand them in order to make lifelong friends, I believe that I’ll be able to bridge the gap not only between the student community and the administration, but also between students of disparate backgrounds inter and intra department at Dartmouth. 

MALS (4 seats)

  1. Kevin Anderson:

    I am honored to be a part of the MALS program and the Dartmouth graduate school community. The academic, intellectual, and social diversity in the graduate community has been an inspiration to me, a great encouragement to my studies, and a wonderful part to my Dartmouth experience.

  2. Feruza Azimova: 
    I've been at Dartmouth and in the MALS program since January this year, and am falling in love with the program, the graduate community, and the overall friendly learning environment, more and more every day. I can't deny that my first two terms as a graduate student were difficult, however it was through the growing graduate community and my friends here that I was able to transition and why I am able to wake up each morning excited to tackle grad school. My program is small but it is nonetheless an important one within the graduate schools, and every MALS student I have met has amazing motivation and drive for a happy and successful graduate career. I hope to be a representing voice for my peers at MALS and to be the bridge for them and to the graduate community to ensure every graduate student here has the best time and make fun memories at Dartmouth. Thank you!

  3. Kawisara Limaksorn: 

    My name is Gorgorr and I am a second year MALS student. I would like to see more MALS students participate in GSC events. 

  4. Hayden McNeil: 

    I am honored to be nominated as a Graduate Student Council Representative for the MALS Department. If selected to serve in this role, I will ensure MALS students are always aware of events on campus, that their voices are represented to the Graduate Student Council, and I will strive to make sure our program has plenty of opportunities to meet students in other graduate programs. You can count on these promises because like we say in Kentucky, “You heard it straight from the horses mouth!"

  5. Jacob Petroski: 

    As a GSC representative, I would make it to the best of my sworn ability to preserve the legacy and honor of my department. I would bring forth swift transparent resolutions affecting both the department and graduate community as a whole.

  6. Samantha Sobol:
    I am a first year, first term MALS student and when I attended my first Graduate Student Council general meeting last week I really felt part of the graduate student community at Dartmouth. I would like to serve as a representative because this is a space on campus where I can make positive, tangible contributions for graduate student life and through community service. Voting to fund graduate student organizations matters to me because this is a direct way to help students around me receive resources they need within organizations that are meaningful to them and I would definitely participate in these discussions at GSC meetings. There are many committees that I want to become involved in including community service, finance, and academics. I would definitely help out with events put on by these committees. Moreover, I think communication to the MALS department about what events the GSC is hosting is vital. I would be conscientious about relaying all information I receive from the GSC to my program quickly. I’m passionate and excited about the GSC!

Mathematics (2 seats)

  1. Ben Breen: 

    I'm happy to represent the math department again for the GSC. I'm really interested in developing a connected graduate community and encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation.

  2. Victor Churchill: 

    I would like to be a Graduate Student Council math department representative because I have enjoyed attending GSC events in the past and would like to contribute to their continuing success. I would also like to rectify the math department's underrepresentation on the GSC later year!

  3. Zach Garvey: 

    Because I can; because I want to.  

  4. James Ronan: 

    Accepts for the following reasons :a) no comment b) I want to be part of the GSC because everyone loves a bureaucracy c) Graduate students are very driven; we are here to follow our passions and pursue excellence in our fields. Unfortunately this focus can turn into myopia and isolate us from one another. The GSC has the ability to bring us together across disciplines which will benefit us socially and professionally. d) I didn't nominate myself, but I don't see a reason to not be GSC rep, so why not.

MCB (2 seats)

  1. Evan Childers: 

    I would like to be a Graduate Student Council representative for my department because  I would like to contribute to the community that welcomed me so warmly this past September. The graduate student community has been awesome in providing the first years with educational support and resources as we transitioned and adapted to the Dartmouth campus and graduate life. I would love the opportunity to give back, and help to continue to the trend of providing a fun and familial environment to all graduate students at Dartmouth. 

  2. Tamar Wheeler: 

    As a first-year graduate student in Molecular and Cellular Biology I am daily involved in a program that spans diverse interests, backgrounds, cultures, and values. Serving as a teacher’s assistant in large classes at the University of Vermont has introduced me to various groups with their own dynamic interplay of interests and personalities. I have begun to understand what it takes to build a cooperative team setting where students and faculty work together to troubleshoot challenges and I would love the opportunity to apply these skills within the greater Dartmouth community.

MEM (4 seats)

  1. Avantika Agarwal: 

    During my undergraduate education in India, I was elected as the Cultural Secretary from among 8,000 students, chosen as the Google Student Ambassador by the faculty, led the dance team to win 15 national competitions for my college and steered the rowing team to earn a bronze medal at the national level. Vast experience in successfully leading teams and organizing and executing events has inculcated in me the qualities of responsibility, ownership, and accountability and sharpened my emotional intelligence. In my short stint at Poland as an intern, I collaborated with 15+ nationalities for 2 months daily. Through interaction and collaboration with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, I have developed the aptitude to bridge differences and drive impact. I now want to be the voice of MEM at the Graduate Student Council so that I can implement the following for us: 1) An opening meet gala for the Graduate community in the beginning of every term so that MEMs can make friends with graduates from all years and departments at Dartmouth. 2) Provide information on all the opportunities available for the MEMs across all graduate departments namely-  Biochemistry, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy 3) Provide daily updates on any graduate resource in terms of seminars, info sessions and more. 4) Also, enable MEMs to host events for all other Graduate Students and give back to them.

  2. Catalina-Paula Spatarelu: 

    I would like to be part of the GSC representing Thayer so I can brainstorm and implement useful initiatives to make new grad students (such as myself) feel integrated in the community. Adapting to grad life, in a potentially different place from what you're used to surely comes with its challenges, and I want to work towards lowering those hurdles.

  3. Amritansh Varshney: 

    The reason I want to be a GSC representative is to put forward to the GSC, the unique challenges faced by MEM students and address these. To have a strong connection with Thayer School to further improve the academic and the social life of MEM students.

  4. Tushar Krishna Yaratha: 

    The reason I want to be a GSC representative is-:To understand and resolve issues that MEMs face in Graduate School. To help Graduate students have a better social and academic life at Dartmouth.

Microbiology/Immunology (3 seats)

  1. Rebekah Guevara: 

    Serving as a representative on the Graduate Student Council is a privilege and I enjoy being part of building a community that helps others enjoy life here at Dartmouth as well as within the upper valley community. I would love to be a representative during this next year!

  2. Hannah Lust: 

    I would love to be a GSC representative for my department so that I could play a role in helping to create and maintain an exciting and fun community amongst the graduate students at Dartmouth, while also serving as a point of contact for any questions or concerns. 

  3. Hector Sanchez: 

    I would be honored to serve as my department's GSC representative so that I can give back to the graduate community by helping out at events and connecting within the different departments.

MSB (1 seat)

  1. none

PBS (2 seats)

  1. Nicole DeAngeli: 

    I would like to be a representative for PBS because I want to contribute towards making student life better for graduate students at Dartmouth. 

PEMM (2 seats)

  1. Faith Anderson: 

    Since June 2017, I have served as a proxy for the PEMM Representative position at the GSC General Council Meetings. I have volunteered on the budget committee, helping draft next year’s financial plan, as well as acted as a sober monitor at GSC-sponsored social events. If elected, I will confidently bring attention to any and all matters that may arise within our program to the larger graduate community and Dartmouth College as a whole. I am extremely enthusiastic about representing PEMM in the GSC and hope you will consider my nomination.

  2. Savannah Dunn: 

    Being a graduate student representative for PEMM this past year was an invigorating and revitalizing experience. My first two years here I went through many set-backs in my graduate career – including not having a lab by the end of my second year (yikes!). Being part of the larger body of graduate students and discovering all the resources available to graduate students made me excited and motivated to share those resources with all incoming and current students. In the next year, I would be honored to represent my program and all graduate students in the GSC by making resources more publicly known, speaking up when groups or students need help or have concerns, and being involved in the decisions to use the money we all spend on graduate student activities wisely and with the most efficacy. I really hope to be elected as a GSC representative this year and continue this wonderful experience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Physics & Astronomy (3 seats)

  1. Parth Sabharwal: 

    As the GSC representative for the department in the past year, I have played a constructive role in the activities and functioning of the GSC, while representing the interests of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and hope to continue doing so. Apart from organizing and sober monitoring events, such as the recently concluded Fall semi-formal and the monthly dinners at the Upper Valley Haven, I helped draft the GSC budget for the upcoming year. I was also part of the representation raising the issue of Graduate Housing to the EVP of Dartmouth College in wake of the loss of North Park Housing.

  2. Kelly Whalen: 

    I would like to be a GSC department representative so I can play a more active role in the graduate student community. The GSC is great because it allows the voices of graduate students to be heard, and it would be awesome to be able to advocate for the physics & astronomy department. Serving as a department representative also seems like a great way to interact with other members of the graduate student community outside of my department.

QBS (2 seats)

  1. Monica Espinoza: 

    I would like to represent QBS because over the last year, I have noticed individuals in my program become isolated or brought down by the stresses of grad school. I have become familiar with the needs of the QBS graduate community and would like the chance to speak on their behalf, integrating further into the Dartmouth graduate community, and helping others who like the members of QBS can benefit from a stronger graduate community.

  2. Daniel Mattox: 

    I would love to serve as the GSC representative for QBS because I'm excited to help provide the most engaging and useful resources and opportunities for QBS students, as well as the graduate student body in general. During my first year here at Dartmouth, I witnessed the great opportunities provided by GSC and I want to build off of those successes while trying to improve in areas where more work might be needed.