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Student Organization Funding Procedures


What is block funding?

Block funding is a preapproved fund granted to GSC recognized student organizations which allows them to hold events throughout the year without having to submit requests.

  • Up to $1000 can be requested from the GSC for block funding.
  • Please submit your application using the Application for Block Funding form on the GSC website, which can be found here.


Any Dartmouth graduate club or organization is eligible to apply for block funding if:

  • The group hosts at least one meeting or event per term
  • The group must advertise meetings and events through the GSC Event Calendar and DartGrad Weekly. Facebook is encouraged.
    • To add your event to the GSC Calendar, click here.
    • To add your event to the DartGrad Weekly email, click here.
  • The group utilizes GSC-requested funding
  • The group is represented at the GSC Fall Term Town Hall

What is standard funding?

Standard funding can be requested to help host an event or activity on campus.

  • Up to $1000 can be requested from the GSC for a single event.

o   Requests up to $250 will be considered via "fast track" approval by the executive board.  You will receive an approval/denial response within a week of your request.

o   Requests over $250 and up to $1000 will be considered for approval by the general council at the next monthly GSC meeting. The request must be submitted at least 72 hours before the meeting, and a representative from your group must attend the meeting to answer any questions and explain the request before the council.

o   Requests over $500 require event coordination with the GSC Vice President.

  • Funding may be requested for events which occur before the next monthly GSC meeting. Any standard funding request over $250 that is not submitted in time to be considered at the next monthly GSC meeting must meet the following guidelines:

o   The funding request must be submitted 7 days prior to the event.

o   The funding request cannot exceed $500.


  • Any graduate student or graduate student organization may request event funding by using the Application for Standard Funding form, which can be found here.
  • Events and activities funded by the GSC must be open to all Dartmouth graduate students.

How do I get reimbursed?

  • GSC funding is by reimbursement only and requires itemized receipts
  • Reimbursement requests can be completed using the BER Submission Form, which can be found here.


Any funding request form is to be considered as a binding written contract between the GSC and the requesting student organization.  Any violation of the terms mentioned in the funding request will be considered an infraction on the part of the student organization.

The seriousness of the infraction will be decided upon on the basis of the following factors:

  • The number of terms violated on the funding request form.
  • The past history of the student organization in dealing with the GSC, extending up to a maximum of 2 fiscal years.
  • The extent of these violations; this will be decreed by a consensus between Executive Board members or Council Representatives:
    • If the funding request is a “fast track” funding request approved by the Executive Board members, the imposition of the penalty will be decided by the Executive Board.
    • If the funding request is not a “fast track” funding request and was approved by the Council Representatives, the imposition of the penalty will be decided by the Council Representatives.


  • First and foremost, a request for funds is not a guarantee of funds.
  • The GSC may choose to partially fund a request.
  • Funding is by reimbursement only; please keep all receipts for BER submission.
  • Events funded by the GSC must be promoted and open to all graduate students.  Events that do not meet these requirements may result in reduced or revoked funding.
  • Approval of funds will be more forthcoming if you also seek funds from other relevant student organizations (e.g., the Thayer Council and the Geisel Student Government).
  • The GSC does not approve funding for events that provide alcohol at private parties. If you are planning on serving alcohol, you must follow the Dartmouth Social Event Policy.
  • Unauthorized use of the GSC chart string for any purpose by any student or student group is strictly prohibited and will be reviewed by the GSC for possible penalty and fees.