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Each year the Graduate Student Council chooses to focus on key major issues that most impact the lives of its graduate students here at Dartmouth. The GSC works to accomplish momentum in these areas of concern/relevancy in the subsequent school year. Some of the major initiatives the GSC worked on during the 2017-2018 school year, and which have been continued into the 2018-2019 school year, are listed below, along with their current state of progress. For a list of past achievements and initiatives, read through the GSC's Legacy archive. To express your ideas relating to initiatives you feel the GSC should pursue, please contact the Graduate Student Council.


The GSC formed an ad hoc Benefits Committee in November 2017 to evaluate the stipend, health care, and general wellbeing benefits afforded by the college on behalf if its graduate students. The goal of the committee was to compile a report detailing Dartmouth graduate student benefits as well as those offered by other Ivy+ institutions. This information was used to inform some general observations about how Dartmouth stands, in comparison to other Ivy+ schools, on a variety of benefits offered, as well as guide some suggestions about how Dartmouth can improve the benefits offered to its graduate community. This report was presented to the Dean of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies in August 2018.


After the loss of North Park first-year graduate housing, the GSC formed an ad hoc Housing Committee in November 2017 to advocate for affordable housing for graduate students. Additional goals for this committee included involvement in the contract for Sachem expansion as well as obtaining a written promise for getting back North Park. By August 2018, graduate students had been given North Park back effective Fall 2019 as well as have been integral in discussions of the new Sachem project. In order to best address the needs of the graduate community, the Housing Committee created a survey asking students to discuss what the most important features of a new Sachem housing project would be to them. These suggestions will be reported back to the company involved in the general planning of the new complex.


After the successful initiative of a “Mental Health Month”, the GSC wants increase access, awareness, and participation in activities to promote the mental health and wellbeing of its students. In order to do so, the Student Life Committee has created “Mental Health Mondays” where mindfulness and mental health events will be offered every week.