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Reserve GRAD Lounge

Please note: AV Equipment will no longer be available at the GRAD Lounge beginning November 13th as we prepare to move to our new location. Also note that no reservations will be taken for events that occur after November 26th, and full access to the lounge will close on December 13th. 

GRAD Lounge Policy must be followed at all times.

Reservations can be made for College sponsored events only. The lounge is reservable weekdays after 5 pm, and weekends. A minimum notice of five days are required to reserve the lounge.

Please verify that the GRAD Lounge is available prior to submitting your request:

Dartmouth Virtual EMS > Reservations > Grad School - 4 Currier Rooms

GRAD Lounge Reservation Request

Reserve: GRAD Lounge
*Reminder: You must register with S&S at least two weeks prior to the event.
*Reminder: Public events must be advertised.

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