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Service & Outreach


The GSC recognizes the need for graduate students to be involved in and reach out within the college and the Upper Valley. We believe that we can do this by developing outreach initiatives, providing volunteer opportunities where needed and organizing events to improve our community and develop   ourselves in the process.

Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Program

We developed a G-U Mentoring Program for undergraduates at Dartmouth and beyond! We began with a pilot in the summer of 2012 with Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE), the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research and undergrads in the Women in Science Project. We now have a growing list of over 50 graduate students who are interested in being mentors and are currently working on ways to disseminate this list to the larger Undergraduate student body.The primary goal of the program is to expose undergraduates to the graduate school experience by connecting them with a graduate student in the field they are interested in. This will give those interested in going to graduate school or wanting to learn more about it, a “low pressure mentor” to get advice and answers to specific questions that could be useful if they eventually decide to apply. They could also spend some time shadowing this graduate student to see what they do first hand! Visit our page for more information or contact Marie Onakomaiya or Max Mehlman sign up to be a mentor!

Graduate Community Service Team

The Graduate Service Team was formed to get graduate students together to provide services where needed in our community. Visit our page and like us on Facebook to see what we've done in the past and see our upcoming events. You can also email the GRT for more information or to join our mailing list and be the first to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities we're organizing!

Other volunteering opportunities:

Aging in Place, Norwichdinner

Habitat for Humanity 

Upper Valley Haven

Tucker Foundation