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Student Organizations

The GSC has many recognized student groups that organize events and cater to specific interests.  Find the list of current GSC recognized student groups below and get involved if you see something that interests you!  You can also start your own group and apply for GSC recognition by filling out the GSC student organization recognition form. One of the major benefits of being a GSC-recognized group is that you can apply for block funding (up to $1000 per year) from the GSC.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA): The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) aims to build a social network among Chinese students and advocate Chinese traditional culture among Dartmouth Students. Our events are open to everyone to enhance cultural diversity on campus. Contact: Qian Han

DartMoose: We hold weekly skates at Thompson Arena throughout most of the fall and winter terms. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, feel free to contact: Josh Kerkaert or Zach Spencer, or join the listserv. Contact: Zachary Spencer or Josh Kerkaert

Dartmouth Agility Club: We are a group of Dartmouth graduate students and post docs who love dogs, and enjoy participating in dog agility. Agility is an obstacle course for dogs consisting of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, ramps, and other elements. The human handler guides the dog through the course as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the dog runs and has fun! This is great exercise for your dog (and you!) as well as a chance for you to strengthen your bond and communication. A typical session lasts an hour and a half, with dogs taking turns running courses or practicing certain obstacles and humans learning footwork. The primary purpose of the club is to have fun, however there are occasionally opportunities to compete in local agility competitions. Club members are asked to donate $10 per session to offset equipment and space rental costs. If you are interested in agility, please come to a club meeting! There is no sequence to agility sessions, so you can start at any time. You may bring your dog with you, or just come yourself to watch and talk to club members. If you have any concerns or questions, please email: Interested? Join us on Facebook! Contact: Sarah Gibbons and Mckinley Brumback

Dartmouth Argentine Tango Society: The purpose of the Dartmouth Argentine Tango Society is to promote Argentine tango at Dartmouth through weekly practice lessons taught by members with an occasional professional workshop also offered.  Join us on Facebook! Contact: Athina Panotopoulou

Dartmouth Beekeeping Association: Do you like honey? Have you ever wondered how it is made and where it comes from? Do you enjoy the many foods pollinated by bees like apples, almonds, tomatoes, raspberries, and much more? Then consider joining the Dartmouth Beekeeping Association! DBA's purpose is to promote the spread of knowledge and practical skills related to apiculture (beekeeping). We offer the opportunity for grad students to take care of the Dartmouth beehives, get involved with honey extraction, and make bee products like lip balm. Ultimately, we hope to increase awareness about honeybees (currently declining worldwide), pollination services, and the ancient art and lifelong hobby of beekeeping. Join our Facebook Page today to learn more! (@DartmouthBees) Contact: Kali Smolen

Dartmouth Cricket Club: Dartmouth Cricket Club (DCC) is a Dartmouth student organization that works towards providing people a platform to learn and hone their cricketing skills. We welcome people of all skill levels, the only requirement is the desire to learn and play cricket. DCC participates in games against schools on the east coast, National championship and Ivy league championship. We’re currently #2 on the Ivy League championship and we hate being #2 as much as you do, come help us get to that glorious #1 spot! 😉 Contact: Pranay Bharadwaj

Dartmouth Desis: Desi people are not away from home with our organization at Dartmouth. Visit our Facebook groupContact: Parth Sabharwal, Muhammad  Abdul Haseeb, and Swetha Kasetty

Graduate Climbing Club: The Dartmouth Graduate Climbing Club will foster connections between the climbing communities across campus and function to organize trips and climbing-related events for graduate students at Dartmouth.  Contact: Graduate Climbing Club or visit their Facebook group.

Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group: The mission of the Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group is to help local non-profit and small businesses to identify and solve problems to drive positive change. We build teams of talented and motivated students who are eager to apply their technical and analytical skills to help improve the community. Contact: Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group

Dartmouth Graduate Outing Club (DGOC): We are a group of graduate students who enjoy outdoor recreation! Although the official side of the club has been rather dormant the last few years, we go on lots of informal trips skiing, hiking, rock-climbing (along with the Graduate Student Climbing Club) etc. If you are passionate about the outdoors please get in touch. We are also looking for students to fill organization and leadership roles. See our Facebook Group for more information. Contact: Gabriel Lewis and Kevin Hartstein

Dartmouth Graduate Soccer Club: The purpose of the Graduate Soccer Club is to provide a year-round social soccer connection by initiating and sharing opportunities for soccer aficionados to play, practice, scrimmage, discuss, and similarly, commune; past opportunities have included playing in the Grantham Indoor Soccer winter league in Grantham, NH. Join our Facebook group!  Contact: Alexsey Molodtsov and Ed Feris

Dartmouth Writers Society: A workshop-esque club of graduate students who meet to discuss each other’s writing, participate in writing prompts, and workshop shared pieces. All genres, topics, and form of writing are welcome. Individuals are also welcomed to simply provide feedback, no one is required to bring a piece. There are also great snacks! Contact: Satya Kandala

Graduate Homebrewers Guild: The Homebrewers Guild promotes the responsible enjoyment of homemade brews by bringing together individual brewers for knowledge transfer, social gatherings, and the love of the science and art of brewing. The Guild comprises (and welcomes) brewers of beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, and all things brew-able. Like our Facebook page! Contact: Chris Carroll

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE): GWISE aims to advocate for women in science within and outside the Dartmouth community. We provide outlets to socialize and skills workshops to allow women to cultivate skills necessary to thrive in the science community. Like our Facebook page!  Contact: Savannah Barnett

Graduate Christian Fellowship: The Graduate Christian Fellowship is a community of Dartmouth College graduate students who desire to grow in our personal relationship with God, pursue our academic work with humble integrity and to demonstrate the love of Jesus to our campus. Join our Facebook group!  Contact: Rebekah Guevara

Graduate Relief Team: The Graduate Relief Team (GRT) is made up of student volunteers who hope to provide service and outreach within the Upper Valley community. We have ongoing projects with local organizations such as Upper Valley Haven and LISTEN Community Services, but can also provide volunteer services when needed for charity events (such as The Prouty) and emergency clean-up projects after storms (such as Hurricane Irene). We are open to any projects that provide service and outreach to our local community. Contact: Katie Edwards 

Green Lambda: Green Lambda is Dartmouth's School of Graduate and Advance Studies' very own LGBTA+ organization! We hope to build a stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive community for queer graduate students and allies. More information and events at our Facebook page!  Contact: Coy

International Graduate Mentoring Program (IGMP): The IGMP is an organization of current graduate students at Dartmouth who work with incoming international students to help their transition to life in the US. We do this by matching incoming students with current international students who serve as their mentors.

Mentors help new students by:

-Answering questions about preparation for arrival at Dartmouth.

-Picking up incoming students from the bus and bring them to their new homes.

-Helping new students get settled and provide advice about life in the Upper Valley.

IGMP organizes social events and activities to foster an international community here at Dartmouth and to provide a network of support for international students throughout their time here. Contact: IGMP

Principal Investigator Track (PIT): The Principal Investigator Track (PIT) organization brings together like-minded students who are interested in pursing careers as the heads of an academic research labs. The transition from graduate student to principal investigator can be difficult to navigate without guidance and support. We, as a group, organize events that provide mentorship opportunities to our members, and the larger community, surrounding topics involved in academic career transition. These topics include: 'how to pick a post-doc', 'how to fund a research program', 'what types of institutions to apply to for jobs', 'how to balance your personal life with running a laboratory', etc. Our events also provide the opportunities for students to expand their network, as our hallmark events each year are seminars given by speakers that we invite to Dartmouth from other institution. No commitment to a career as a Principal Investigator is necessary to join, if you are at all considering this career track come join us! Contact: Caitlin Kowalski

QuantBlitz: The purpose of QuantBlitz is to brainstorm data analysis methods, ideas, and visualizations as they are pertinent across the student body. This organization is run for students, by students and is a safe space to chat about quantitative problems that arise in research across disciplines. Check out our Facebook page or website for updates about events!  Contact: Carly Bobak

Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Society (STEPS): The policy society is here to provide information about science policy which is integrated into many different sectors and disciplines. There will be professionals and faculty members who will come and talk about science policy from their respective fields providing an alternative view point on science policy. For more information like our Facebook page and join our Facebook group. Contact: Michael Ko

Inactive Groups

Listed below are GSC-sponsored student clubs/organizations that gained GSC recognition but have since become “inactive.” If you would like to reactive one of these groups, please contact the GSC Vice President

The Graduate Food and Lifestyle Society: is meant to be an open and inclusive club for all graduate students to meet new friends, share their love for cooking and/or eating, and to take part in a variety of fun activities. As such, membership is open to everyone and do not require any special skills or regular time commitment. However, members are welcome to become more involved and play a larger role.

Dartmouth Graduate Society of Epicureans (DGSE): In the modern sense an Epicurean is one who appreciates and indulges in luxury or the finer arts of society for pleasure. Thus, we have created this club to provide a community for grad students who are interested in such elegant stuffs to culturethemselves through education and exploration of these arts. This club plans to host a multitude of activities from poetry readings, horseback riding, visits to local museums, ballroom dancing, etc. We envision not only to educate grad students in the finer arts and history, but to also help them lead more balanced lives through comfort and relaxation.

Dartmouth Graduate Veterans Association (DGVA): The DVGA is an organization that unites, mobilizes, and advocates for veterans in the graduate studies programs at Dartmouth College to ensure that graduate veterans have a voice in student government, the college, and the community.

Dartmouth Humanitarian Design Initiative: Enhance well-being and safety, physically as well as mentally, of people affected by natural disasters using technical solutions to humanitarian needs through design and human centered design and culturally knowledgeable implementation.

Dartmouth Noise Collective: The Noise Collective is viewed as an opportunity for all members of the Dartmouth community to discover and share art. It will promote art by organizing listening sessions promoting cultural diversity, innovation, and originality.

Graduate Student Olympic/Folkstyle Wrestling Club: This club will provide a resource for improving conditioning, balance, and technical skill through the sport of wrestling. Practice sessions will be held once or twice a week. During these sessions participants of any skill level will develop endurance through wrestling style conditioning.

Green Orpheus: This group provides Dartmouth graduate students with a weekly forum in which to discuss ideas at the intersection of music and philosophy, from Plato's suspicion of certain musical modes to Nietzsche's theory of the Dionysian and Apollonian.

Millennial Mentors: Millennial Mentors is a community service group focused on fostering inter-generational interactions between local active senior citizens and graduate students at Dartmouth.