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Graduate-Undergrad Mentor Program



This primary goal of the graduate-undergraduate mentoring program is to expose undergraduates to the graduate school experience by connecting them with a graduate student in a field they are interested in learning more about. With over 70 mentors and counting, Dartmouth undergraduates interested in going to graduate school and prospective students wanting to learn more about it, have an approachable resource if they eventually decide to apply. For graduate students, this is an opportunity to be a "low pressure" mentor to someone who could one day be a colleague.

We also hold periodic workshops and discussions about graduate school including deciding on a program, applying, interviewing, mentoring, and what graduate school is all about, so keep an eye an out! These are also good opportunities to connect with a graduate or undergraduate student in your field of interest.

Our graduate community here at Dartmouth is a fantastic resource filled with tons of valuable information and guidance for undergraduates starting to think about their post-graduation plans. This resource remains largely untapped, but we hope to change that! In addition to helping undergraduates with the complex process of choosing and applying to graduate school, this program is a fantastic way to let the campus (and beyond) know that Dartmouth has amazing graduate students greatly contributing to the school's reputation as a world-class teaching institution.

If you would like to participate as a graduate or undergraduate student, find out how below! You can also read our full statement of purpose here.


Each graduate-undergraduate pair will decide on the format of their mentoring relationship.

  • Email/Phone Q&A: You can exchange specific questions and answers over email.
  • Meet over coffee: You can simply meet for an informal cup of coffee and see where things go from there. It's okay if the extent of the mentoring is nothing more than a single chat. It may also turn into a more long-lasting mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Shadowing: If the graduate student is willing, you can set up a shadowing day in the lab or office. This provides real-life exposure and insight into the daily life of a graduate student scientists/researcher.

We also have a list of suggested talking points to get the conversation started!



To connect with a mentor, simply check out the mentor database and email a graduate student to set something up. They have all volunteered to be mentors and are waiting to hear from you!

If you need help deciding who to contact, are not quite sure what you are interested in yet, or have further questions, simply email Max Mehlman and he will help match you.


Email Max Mehlman if you would like to be added to the mentor database, or have questions/suggestions about the program.

This is an opportunity to work closely with an undergraduate and gain experience as an advisor and mentor, roles all graduate students will be required to take on as we continue in academia and beyond.

Once you have been contacted by and have met with an undergraduate student, please take a minute and fill out our brief survey so we can keep track of the program's progress.