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Graduate Consulting Club


Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Consulting Club (GCC)!

The mission of the Graduate Consulting Club is to foster an active community of students interested in consulting as a next-step career.

Please feel free to join our LinkedIn group. If you don't have a LinkedIn account, you can also join our Facebook group.

We will make general announcements about the group via LinkedIn and Facebook and email, but you can also log into our iGoogle account to access documents (such as case prep materials and other consulting resources) through Google Docs, or to schedule individual case practice with other group members. Instructions for using the iGoogle page are below.

Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group is subscribing Harvard Business Review online journal for all graduate students who signs up as our group member starting from December, 2016. Our members are encouraged and required to apply for student consultant positions of our group projects. In order to sign up, please email


1. Go to iGoogle

2. Click on sign in either in the middle of the screen or in the upper right corner. For the username and password, please join our LinkedIn or Facebook group or email

3. Now that you're on the main iGoogle homepage, click on the calendar where it says google calendar and a new browser will open with the scheduling calendar. Several different color-coded calendars have been created that you can use to indicate your availability for case practice.

4. To add an event, just highlight the time period, type in your name and select the correct calendar name (e.g. Member-Led) from the dropdown menu so it puts it in the right color.

**If you already use iGoogle, and you'd like to add the GCC calendars to your home calendar:

5. Click on the arrow on the calendar you wish to add on the right hand side of the screen (under my Calendars).

6. When the drop down menu appears, scroll down and click on Share this Calendar.

7. Enter your gmail account address in the text field under person.

8. Set the permissions to allow yourself to edit the calendar and manage sharing.

9. The calendar will now be available to you via your own iGoogle page.


Consulting PhD Career Panel, 6/26/12: GCC President Yi Zhang introduces the Panelists to a packed room of graduate student consulting enthusiasts
Consulting PhD Career Panel, 6/26/12: Our fearless panelists (left to right): Dr. Jake Reder, Marcella Lucas, Dr. Yolanda Nesbeth, and Dr. Brendan Faherty
Second Annual Case Competition, 3/2/12: The discriminating judges (not in order): Mat Ackerman ’05 Th ’06, Axia Consulting; John Engstrom Th ’10, Oliver Wyman; Jeremy Sporn Tu ’08, Oliver Wyman; Daniel Philip ’03 Tu ’12, Outfittr
Second Annual Case Competition, 3/2/12: Graduate students present in the Final Round
GCC General Info Session, 3/9/11