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Student Support Fund

The GSC Student Support Fund is an initiative that will support the graduate student community to promote full scholarly, and community inclusion for conference, professional and leadership development, and service experiences.

Eligibility for Student Support Fund

Any Dartmouth graduate student that have demonstrated financial need.

Student Support Fund Limit and Procedures

Students may apply for funding up to $200. 

The Student Support Fund covers the following financial assistance areas of focus:

  1. Scholarly: Conference, professional development, or leadership development opportunity costs.
  2. Community: Dartmouth Service experiences with the Dickey Center or the Tucker Foundation.

If you receive this grant for the purposes listed above, the GSC requires that you fulfill one of the following:

  1. Write an article about your experience for the GSC blog.
  2. Host a small presentation/talk open to graduate students to hear about your experience.  

Applications and decisions will be made on a bi-weekly basis. In emergent cases, exceptions are possible.

To apply, please submit the application form below and attach a detailed itemized budget of the funds requested, expected expenses, and what exactly the funding will be used for.

Submitted materials will be confidential except to the GSC executive officers, who will review the application. Recipients of the GSC Student Support Fund will be announced at Monthly General Council Meetings.

Application for Student Support Fund