Update of schedule, proceedings, and Q&A

  1. We apologize for the reschedule but please note that RECFAST will have an additional lecture Friday 3pm EST time (12pm west coast time).
  2. There will be a further reschedule with David Grin’s lecture on Wednesday is to be moved to later in the week as he is feeling a little ill. We will send another email once the reschedule is confirmed
  3. A reminder of the conference proceedings through which teams will get a chance to learn a code in some more depth. It is a great opportunity to form collaborations and contribute something very useful to the community with minimal effort. We are capping the number of people that can sign up at 48 so sign up quick here https://sites.dartmouth.edu/heptool/proceedings/
  4. Please write down any questions you have especially in depth ones here http://bit.ly/2irDVx7 , the Q&A sessions are 6pm wednesday and thursday EST. Hope you enjoy the rest of the webinar!

On a side note, there appears to be some trouble using vidyo with firefox. We recommend another browser like chrome or safari.