The Dartmouth History Institute, which meets at the end of the academic year, is designed to explore the emerging trends and best new work in a particular subfield  of history by inviting  finishing or recently-finished Ph.D. students to present and workshop parts of their dissertations in the company of senior scholars and editors.  The theme changes from year to year. The inaugural Institute focused on European Intellectual History (2017), and was directed by Udi Greenberg and Darrin McMahon.
The Second Dartmouth History Institute is scheduled for May 29-June 2,  2018, on the theme of New Directions in Medieval Religious History.  It is directed by Cecilia Gaposchkin and Walter Simons.  For three days, new scholars will workshop chapter and article drafts, and discuss their plans for completing their book projects. They will be joined in discussion by four senior historians and two editors at major university presses.


The 2018 Institute will be directed by Professors Cecilia Gaposchkin and Walter Simons


John Burden. Yale. Between Crime and Sin: Penitential Justice in Medieval Germany, 900-1200.

Andrew Collings. Princeton. The King Cannot Be Everywhere: Royal Governance and Local Society in the Reign of Louis IX.

Delfi I. Nieto Isabel. Barcelona. Communities of Dissent. Social Network Analysis of Religious Dissident Groups in Languedoc in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.

Ella Kilgallon. Queen Mary, University of London. Creating a Space of Penance: Women of the Franciscan Third Order in the Cities of Central Italy.

Kevin Lord. Yale. The Imperial Heretic: Honor, Custom, and Law in the Last Medieval Conflict between Emperor and Pope.

Jennifer Lyons. Ph.D., Emory; now at Ithaca college. Crafting Marian Devotion: The Representation of the Theophilus Legend in Northern Europe, 9th-14th c.

Randall Pippenger. Princeton. Crusading as a Family: A Study of the County of Champagne, 1175-1225.

Hollis Shaul. Princeton. The Priors and the Prince: Carthusian Monasticism and the Experience of State Building in Angevin Provence, 1245-1385.

Justine Trombley. Saint Andrews. The Mirror Broken Anew: The Manuscript Evidence for Opposition to Marguerite Porete’s Latin Mirror of Simple Souls in the Later Middle Ages.

Luo Wang. Minnesota. The Gothic Saints and Their Mystical Songs: Performing Piety in Thirteenth-Century Liège.

Senior guests:

Sean Field, Professor of History, University of Vermont

Mahinda Kingra, Editor, Cornell University Press

Anne Lester, The John W. Baldwin and Jenny Jochen Chair in Medieval History Johns Hopkins University (as of July 1)

Lester Little, Professor Emeritus of History, Smith College

Miri Rubin, Professor of History, Queen Mary University of London

Jerome Singerman, Humanities Editor, University of Pennsylvania Press


This event is made possible with the generous support of the Department of History at Dartmouth College, the Leslie Center for the Humanities, the Dartmouth Ethic Institute,  the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, the Dartmouth Political Economy Project, and the Office of the Provost.