Lab Members

To contact a lab member by email, click on the name and in the opening window search for the name in the ‘Dartmouth College’ directory.


Elora DemersElora Demers, Graduate Student, is studying the important consequences of population heterogeneity and chronic fungal infections.

Kimberley LewisKimberley Lewis, Graduate Student, is studying how different species can modulate P. aeruginosa biofilm formation through known and unknown pathways.

Amy BiermannAmy Biermann, Graduate Student, is studying the mechanisms by which fungal populations diversify in chronic lung infections.

Michelle ClayMichelle Clay, Graduate Student, is studying P. aeruginosa evolution and virulence and novel pathways involved in host-pathogen interactions.

Georgia DoingGeorgia Doing, Graduate Student, is looking for patterns of P. aeruginosa gene expression that explain its behavior in chronic CF lung infections.

Alex CrockerAlex Crocker Lab technician. Genetic analysis of Candida spp. and analysis of the microbiota in clinical samples.

Dallas MouldDallas Mould,  Graduate Student. Analysis of synergistic interactions between microbes over space and time.

Dan MuranteGraduate Student, Analysis of evolution of metal acquisition pathways in Candida lusitaniae infections.




 Nico Botelho, Laboratory Technician for the DartCF Translational Research Core and  examines novel cell-cell aggregation pathways induced in response microbially produced products.



Danielle Vermilyea, Graduate Student, examines the response of P. aeruginosa to microbially produced products.