Lab News

Two recent papers


Check out a recent paper by Michelle Clay and Jack Hammond about an oxygen-binding hemerythrin that contributes to microoxic fitness. Our data suggest that naturally occurring P. aeruginosa lasR mutants high levels of Mhr and other Anr regulated gene products contributes to increased microoxic fitness in comparison to otherwise isogenic LasR+ strains.


Kimberley Lewis contributed to an exciting comparison of how different strains in collaboration with Calvin Lee and Gerard Wong at UCLA. The paper is entitled Social cooperativity of bacteria during reversible surface attachment in young biofilms: a quantitative comparison of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14 and PAO1.


Congrats to Adel!

Adel Malek, a former student, just accepted a position as Clinical Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Medicine at  Memorial University and Clinical and Public Health Microbiologist, Province of Newfoundland where he will do both clinical service and genomics research.

New paper on BioRXiv!


A study by Colleen Harty, in collaboration with Georgia Doing, Dallas Mould, and Michelle Clay, presents a model for a Pseudomonas aeruginosa response to ethanol, a common metabolite produced by other microbes, that integrates other cues about nutrient availability and cell density.  You can see the paper here.

New Paper

We are excited to publish new work describing the extreme heterogeneity in a single gene in a Candida lusitaniae population from a single chronic lung infection.  For more information, see