Why the Nicaragua CCESP?

I have always enjoyed community service and was interested in the opportunities available at Dartmouth for me to pursue service. After participating in the Tucker Foundation’s Florida ASB trip, I was motivated to go on more trips to explore themes of service and community. After my first year of college, I was amazed by how service goes beyond just “helping” people and how much the educational component of a service program matters in the larger scheme. I began delving more deeply into International Development, attending conferences on development and joining the International Development Forum.

I was motivated to participate in the Nicaragua CCESP because it would give me a more tangible understanding of development and will be my first international service/educational trip. I was also looking for a trip that had an educational component and was more focused on experiential learning as opposed to trying to go in and “fix” what we deem is wrong.

I hope the class challenges the way I view international development and I look forward to learning more about the details about development. It is exciting to take a “bottom-up”¬†approach rather than a “top-bottom” approach focused on broad generalizations. I have also taken five years of Spanish but am excited for the opportunity to use my Spanish in an impactful way even though it has been two years.

I am currently also taking Econ 39 International Trade and look forward to taking a multidisciplinary approach to learning about Economics, Service, and International Affairs.

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