Ethical Dilemmas

While in class on Monday, October 27th, we discussed concerns about ethics during the trip particularly when it comes to leaving no trace (LNT). Part of  LNT involves leaving the people and the area as you found them. When Josephina shares her experience in Guatemala and not knowing where the boundaries were in terms of giving anything to community members, I was perplexed by how complicated ethics can be and how there really is no defined list of rules when it comes to ethics. I definitely am looking forward to challenging my own ethical beliefs and learning more about the dilemmas that will most certainly come up on the trip.

I definitely understand from the viewpoint of Bridges to Community that giving to particular families or individuals is troublesome. Having taught middle school students this summer, I was dealt with the ethical dilemma of who to give the extra snacks to. Some students did not what their own snack and other students would want the extra snacks, but there was not enough extra snacks to share around. At first, I offered the extra snacks to whoever raised their hands first but eventually I decided that was unfair to some of the students, and in the end I returned the extra snacks to the office so every student can only have one snack, even if there are extras.

I definitely see myself learning a lot from evaluating ethics in all facets of the trip and definitely know the trip will impact how I perceive and evaluate certain situations.

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