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Hello! My name is Hoi and I am currently a sophomore (’17) at Dartmouth. I chose to get involved with the Nicaragua CCESP after going on my Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to Florida to learn more about migrant worker issues. During the trip, we were exposed to a lot of the issues that migrant workers and undocumented immigrants face, including political, social, and socio-economic differences.

On one of the first days that we were there, we had the opportunity to join in on a march against the food retailer, Publix, who would not agree to pay an additional penny per pound of tomatoes to benefit the farm workers. I will be going on the same trip again this spring break (2015) as a trip leader.


I applied to the Nicaragua CCESP wanting to learn more about a foreign country and gain more international experience in terms of development and service. I have seldom travelled abroad and have only travelled to Mexico and Southeast Asia. I saw Nicaragua as the perfect opportunity to gain from experiential learning and to get outside of my comfort zone. I am excited to practice and hopefully improve my Spanish, a language I have come to love and embrace as my own.

On campus, I study Economics and Psychology and enjoy learning about topics of International Development. I am involved in the International Development Forum and hope to bring back what I learn from the trip to IDF. Additionally, I work as an intern in the Undergraduate Admissions Office and a Student Consultant at the IT Help Desk.


Aside from work, I love traveling and exploring the different parts of the human experience, including learning from people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. I personally believe I have learned the most throughout my life from the interactions I have had with people who are so inherently different yet similar to be. I love seeing how small and big the world is, and I find a lot of comfort ironically from pushing myself outside my comfort zone to travel to new places, talk to new people, and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

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