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Conferences organized (selected)

Presentations (selected)

  • "Designing Experiments for Political Research: Some Practical Guidelines", May 29, 2018, at the Australian National University, the School of Politics and International Relations [PowerPoint]
  • "Wrangle, Visualize, and Analyze Data!", April 23, 2018, at Dartmouth College. Presented in Who Love To Teach classes, as part of Dimensions Program [PowerPoint]
  • “The Study of Japan in the Age of Digital Humanities and Quantitative Social Sciences”, November 6, 2015, at Harvard University [PowerPoint]
  • "Catching Political Trends Through Digital Scholarship", November 6, 2015, at Harvard University [PowerPoint]
  • "Designing Survey Experiment: Practical Guides", August 1, 2015, at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) [PowerPoint]
  • "政治学における統計分析のフロンティア" 2014年7月7日, 慶應義塾大学 [PowerPoint]