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“Susceptibility to Threatening News and Opposition to Refugee Resettlement: The Case of Japan” (with Yoshikuni Ono) [SSRN]

“Treated Politicians, Treated Voters: A Natural Experiment of Political Budget Cycle” (with Kentaro Fukumoto and Shoichiro Tanaka) [SSRN]

“Misinformation, Economic Threat, and Opposition to International Trade” (with D.J. Flynn and Dong Zhang) [SSRN]

“Randomized Ballot Order Can Increase Invalid Votes: Evidence from Australia” (with Alexandra R. Woodruff) [SSRN] — R&R


“Does Voter Registration Foster Civic Attitudes? A Natural Experiment in Japan” (with Hiroto Katsumata and Ethan Woodard) [SSRN]

“Does Conjoint Analysis Mitigate Social Desirability Bias?” (with Zachary Markovich and Teppei Yamamoto)

“Are Voters’ Decisions Consistent with Their Policy Preferences?” (with Shiro Kuriwaki and Daniel M. Smith)


[A29] “Gender Gaps in Perceptions of Political Science Journals” (with Nadia Brown, Mala Htun, and David Samuels). PS: Political Science & Politics, forthcoming [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

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[A26] “Student Attitudes Toward Campus Diversity at the United States Naval Academy: Evidence from Conjoint Survey Experiments” (with John Polga-Hecimovich and John Carey). Armed Forces & Society, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

[A25] “Who Wants to Hire a More Diverse Faculty? A Conjoint Analysis of Faculty and Student Preferences for Gender and Racial/Ethnic Diversity” (with John M. Carey, Kevin Carman, Katherine Clayton, Mala N. Htun, and Brittany Ortiz). Politics, Groups and Identities, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

[A24] “Has Trump Damaged the U.S. Image Abroad? Decomposing the Effects of Policy Messages on Foreign Public Opinion” (with Alexander Agadjanian). Political Behavior, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package][Press Release]

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