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Research with Dartmouth students

Many undergraduate students have worked with me. The following is a list of publications and working papers that I have co-authored with them. Some of them were initially independent research papers or honors theses supervised by me.


"Randomized Ballot Order Can Increase Invalid Votes: Evidence from Australia" (with Alexandra Lange) [SSRN].


"Politician Incivility and Apologies" (with Jennifer Wu)

"Polarization or Consensus? Examining Immigration Policy Preferences" (with Genna Liu and Jeremy Ferwerda)


"Exposure to Immigration and Admission Preferences: Evidence from France" (with Katherine Clayton and Jeremy Ferwerda). Political Behavior, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

"Who Wants to Hire a More Diverse Faculty? A Conjoint Analysis of Faculty and Student Preferences for Gender and Racial/Ethnic Diversity" (with John M. Carey, Kevin Carman, Katherine Clayton, Mala N. Htun, and Brittany Ortiz). Politics, Groups and Identities, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

"Has Trump Damaged the U.S. Image Abroad? Decomposing the Effects of Policy Messages on Foreign Public Opinion" (with Alexander Agadjanian). Political Behavior, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package][Press Release]

"Partisan Motivated Reasoning and Misinformation in the Media: Is News from Ideologically Uncongenial Sources More Suspicious?" (with Katherine Clayton, Jase Davis, and Kristen Hinckley). Japanese Journal of Political Science, Vol. 20, Issue 3, pp. 129-142, September 2019. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

"No Sorting, No Advantage: Regression Discontinuity Estimates of Incumbency Advantage in Japan" (with Kenichi Ariga, Roland Mansilla, and Michio Umeda). Electoral Studies, Vol. 43, pp. 21-31, September 2016. [SSRN] [DOI] [Replication Package]

"The Opportunity Cost of Conflict: Statistically Comparing Israel and Synthetic Israel" (with Asher Mayerson). Political Science Research and Methods, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 609-618, September 2015. [SSRN] [DOI] [Replication Package]


Campus Diversity: The Hidden Consensus on (with John M. Carey and Katherine Clayton). 2019. New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.