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"The Limited Impact of Identity Frames on Support for Multiracial Candidates" (with Katherine Clayton and Charles Crabtree). [SSRN]

"National Identity Predicts Public Health Support During a Global Pandemic" (with Jay Van Bavel and many others). [PsyArXiv] * Participated in this global project at the leader of Japan and South Korea Teams.

"Does Public Diplomacy Sway Foreign Public Opinion? Identifying the Effect of High- Level Visits" (with Benjamin E. Goldsmith and Kelly Matush) [SSRN]

"Susceptibility to Threatening Information and Opposition to Refugee Resettlement" (with Yoshikuni Ono) [SSRN]

"Does Conjoint Analysis Mitigate Social Desirability Bias?" (with Zachary Markovich and Teppei Yamamoto) [SSRN] -- R&R

"Civic Engagement and Civic Attitudes: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis" (with Hiroto Katsumata and Ethan Woodard) [SSRN] -- R&R


"Does Russian Election Interference Damage Support for U.S. Alliances?" (with Benjamin E. Goldsmith) [SSRN]

"Randomized Ballot Order Can Increase Invalid Votes: Evidence from Australia" (with Alexandra Lange) [SSRN]

"Disfavor or Favor? Assessing the Meaning of White Americans' Racial Attitudes" (with Alexander Agadjanian, John Carey, and Timothy Ryan)


"Why is Bipartisan Gun Control So Difficult? An Experimental Test" (with Hwansung Lee)

"Understanding Japanese Skilled Workers’ Motivations for Emigration" (with Nana Oishi)

"Japanese Public Opinion on the Self-Defense Forces and Security Policy" (with Takako Hikotani and Atsushi Tago

"Opposition to Refugee Resettlement from a Comparative Perspective" (with Katherine Clayton and Jeremy Ferwerda)

"Polarization or Consensus? Examining Immigration Policy Preferences" (with Genna Liu and Jeremy Ferwerda)

"Politician Incivility and Apologies" (with Jennifer Wu)

"Are Voters' Decisions Consistent with Their Policy Preferences?" (with Shiro Kuriwaki and Daniel M. Smith)


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