Please download and submit the room reservation form found here as soon as possible.

There are several options for accommodation near Dartmouth, but unless you have a car, most will be far less convenient than the options we recommend. It will not be possible to offer transportation from other area hotels and public transportation is extremely limited. Feel free to book your own hotel only if you will have a car, and please fill out the above form anyway so we can arrange a parking permit for you ($5/day). Be forewarned that it can often be difficult to find an available room at area hotels. We have posted links for some nearby possibilities below, but we strongly urge you to take advantage of one of the other options described here.

If you do not have a car, the most practical options are dormitory accommodation, or the Hanover Inn.

Recommended option: We expect that most people will want the most affordable and nearest accommodation. We will provide comfortable dormitory rooms (with shared bath) for $80/person/night within easy walking distance of the conference venue. This price will also include breakfast and lunch at the ’53 Commons dining facility. Please note that the $80/night price is per person rather than per room.

For those who would prefer to stay in a more traditional hotel, we will reserve a block of rooms at the recently renovated Hanover Inn, right at the edge of campus, at about $195.11/night, including taxes ( Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like one of these rooms, as the hotel fills quickly and we can’t hold the rooms indefinitely. If you will be accompanied by a spouse or other family members, this may be a better option than the dorms since the dormitory cost is per person. Please note, however, that the Hanover Inn price does not include meals, so you will need to pay for breakfast and lunch separately.



less than ideal possibilities, listed in approximate order of convenience:

Comparable to the Hanover Inn and almost as close, but pricier:

(***NOTE: only consider the following if you will have a car***)

Comparable to the Hanover Inn, but not within easy walking distance:

Less luxurious, not within easy walking distance:

  • Chieftain Motor Inn (At the moment they don’t seem to have rooms for the first few days of the conference.)

Bed and Breakfasts, not within easy walking distance:

Less character but comfortable, not within easy walking distance:

Other area hotels may be found here. Of these, only the Hanover Inn and Sixth South St. Hotel are within easy walking distance.