Fourth circular, July 2013


The 46th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, 7-10 August 2013

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This is the fourth and final circular before ICSTLL 46 gets underway at Dartmouth in just two weeks. We are looking forward to your arrival!

A preliminary schedule is now posted on the website, and a pdf of it is attached to this email. This schedule is subject to change, but we hope not drastically. We have tried to accommodate all requests to speak on a particular day; please let us know if we accidentally scheduled you at a time you’ve told us you won’t be here.

In case you run into a problem, or have any questions once you reach Dartmouth, please call Dave Peterson at 603-630-9748. He and others will be on hand on the evenings of 6 and 7 August to meet you at the Dartmouth Coach when it gets in and help you find your way either to the Hanover Inn or to the dorms. If you are not arriving by Dartmouth Coach, please let us know approximately when you will be arriving, and we will coordinate with you to get you checked into the dorms or hotel.

Below we give you some reminders, and some advice, including suggestions on handouts and audiovisual needs. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the organizer at

Registration and the banquet:

For the few people who have not yet registered, please do so immediately. We will turn the online registration system off on 26 July. As mentioned in the last circular, it is not possible for us to accept cash or checks for registration at the conference, unless this has been cleared with us in advance. We will NOT be able to process credit cards onsite.

A number of people who sent in personal checks for registration may not have realized that there is a separate banquet fee of $40. We’re sorry for the misunderstanding and hope that you would still like to attend the banquet. We will accept cash or (U.S.) checks for this onsite. If you registered online, but did not elect to participate in the banquet, you may also still pay for the banquet onsite with cash or (U.S.) check if you would like to do so. Please let the organizer know if you would like to bring additional family members to the banquet so that we can plan for the right number of attendees.

Your itinerary:

It would be a good idea if you would send us your itinerary and a brief indication of what bus you plan to catch or what time you plan to arrive (if driving). If we notice any potential issues, we will alert you.

Currency exchange:

Hanover is a small town, and banks may not be able to exchange currency for you. Unless you have an ATM card you can use to directly withdraw local currency, it is advisable to change money at the airport before coming to Hanover. Exchange kiosks may be found inside many of the terminals at Boston, including one in terminal E just after customs. If you clear customs at another airport before proceeding to Boston, try to exchange your currency there.

Dartmouth Coach:

Many of you will be arriving in Hanover by Dartmouth Coach. Please take some time to refamiliarize yourself with the Dartmouth Coach schedule and instructions for catching the bus from Logan airport in Boston. If possible, purchase your ticket in advance. (See the Coach website here:

Exactly where the coach picks people up varies from terminal to terminal at the airport; you should look for the area marked “scheduled buses” in your respective terminal. Most terminals have an information booth and representative  in the baggage claim area, where you can ask about the specific location of the Dartmouth Coach stop for that terminal. A basic map for the pickup locations at each terminal may be found here:


We have tried to keep track of who will require parking passes, and for which days, but as many people’s plans have undergone changes, it would be helpful if you could email us a confirmation of which days of the conference (e.g., 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 August, if you will arrive on the 7th and depart on the 11th) you will need parking for. Please include only the days you anticipate parking on campus. Parking in Hanover and at Dartmouth can be a considerable challenge, even for those of us who live and work here, and we need to request on-campus parking for you in advance. If you haven’t yet mentioned that you need parking, you should let us know right away. Parking permits will cost $5/day.


You should do your best to print and photocopy any handouts you will use prior to your arrival. The conference cannot print or make photocopies for you. Hanover’s printing and photocopying options are quite limited.

Audiovisual needs:

All the rooms we will be using have high-quality audio-visual equipment with excellent internet connections. We urge you to plan ahead so that you may simply use the podium computer. The easiest way to transfer your powerpoint slides to a conference presentation computer will be by emailing the file to yourself. Be sure to use an email address you can access via the internet. (You can also put it on a memory stick, but emailing is generally safer.) To avoid potential font and formatting problems with your powerpoint, it is a good idea to embed all data and figures in your slides as images rather than counting on compatibility of the computers we will have.

In addition, as a backup plan, it is also a good idea to turn your powerpoint into a pdf file and email that to yourself. That way, if there is a problem, you will at least be able to project the slides using the pdf.

Because of the wide variety of adapters that different computers (especially macs) require, if you wish to use your own computer, you absolutely must bring an adapter that will work for your machine. We cannot guarantee that we will have an appropriate adapter on hand.

If you require something out of the ordinary for your talk, please let us know as soon as possible.