If you have a U.S. bank account, the simplest way for you to register is to send a personal check or money order made out to Dartmouth College to the organizer, at the following address: David A. Peterson, Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science, HB 6220 307 Reed Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755, U.S.A. We prefer you to use this means of payment, if possible, as it will reduce our processing costs. (Please contact the organizer if you need assistance calculating your total.)

It will not be easy for us to accept payment by cash, and completely impossible to accept payment by credit card onsite. In extreme cases, we will accept cash or check onsite for registration ONLY, but you should clear this in advance with the organizer.

Hanover Inn guests: If you intend to stay at the Hanover Inn, you should pay for your registration either by personal check/money order drawn on a U.S. bank (see details above), or by credit card through the secure online site that we have set up for the conference (see below). You will need to contact the Hanover Inn directly (1-603-643-4300 or 1-800-443-7024) with your information to confirm your reservation there. Be sure to mention ICSTLL when you call in order to get the special conference rate of $195.11/night, tax inclusive.

Dormitory guests: it is extremely important that you pay in advance if you intend to stay in the dormitory. We must have your paid registration and room fees by 20 July, or we cannot hold your room. After 20 July, it will not be possible to register and pay for dormitory accommodation. You may register and pay for dormitory accommodation either by personal check/money order drawn on a U.S. bank (see details above), or by credit card through the secure online site that we have set up for the conference.

Online registration: The site gateway is at You need a code to access the registration site, which has been sent to you in the body of the email accompanying this circular. If you have not submitted an abstract or otherwise indicated your intent to participate, and you would like to register for the conference/dorm accommodation, please send a request for the access code to the conference organizer (

After entering the code, you will be prompted to provide an email address and to select one of the following registrant type/pricing options:

registrant type: until 1 July after 1 July
Student registration only $70 $100
Student registration+3 nights dorm $310 $340
Student registration+4 nights dorm $390 $420
Student registration+5 nights dorm $470 $500
Non-student registration only $120 $150
Non-student registration+3 nights dorm $360 $390
Non-student registration+4 nights dorm $440 $470
Non-student registration+5 nights dorm $520 $550

Please select the appropriate registrant type based on your status as student/non-student and according to how many nights you intend to stay in the dorms. (Remember, the dorm price is $80/person/night for rooms with shared bathrooms; this rate will include your choice of either breakfast/lunch or breakfast/dinner at the student dining facility.) Please select your number of nights carefully as changes to your registrant type may incur processing charges that will be billed to you.

Through 1 July, registration fees are discounted ($70 for students, $120 for non-students). After that date, the price will go up ($100 for students, $150 for non-students).

Before checkout, you will pass through a section of the registration called “Agenda”. Here you may pay for the conference banquet, which will be charged separately at $40/person. Participation at the banquet by spouses and others may be arranged at the conference itself, or may be paid in advance in consultation with the organizer.

Note: Please check your registrant type again carefully before submitting your payment details! If you need to make a change to your registrant type, it is best to close the checkout window and start again from the beginning (at Changing your status after submitting payment details may incur processing charges that will be billed to you.

On checkout, you will be able to save/print a receipt, which will be adequate for most reimbursement purposes. If you require a separate receipt, please let the organizer know, and we will prepare one for you.

Refund/Cancellation policies: Refunds of conference registration and banquet fees ONLY will be granted if cancellation occurs prior to 1 August 2013. Refunds for dormitory fees will be granted if cancellation occurs prior to 20 July 2013. After this date, cancellation or addition of dormitory reservations is not possible. There is no cancellation fee, but all service charges will be deducted from your refund.