Issues in Kuki-Chin linguistics

This workshop will be held on 7 August, before the main session of the conference. We are grateful to the National Science Foundation (grant BCS-1322400) for support.

Presenters and topics are listed below. Paper titles and a full schedule will be provided as soon as they become available.

James A. Matisoff: general characteristics of Kuki-Chin languages in the context of Tibeto-Burman

Scott DeLancey: Argument Indexation (verb agreement) in Kuki-Chin

George Bedell: The morphosyntax of verb stem alternation (with Kee Shein Mang, Roland Siang Nawl, and Khawlsonkim Suantak)

David A. Peterson: Issues of case-marking and related phenomena in Kuki-Chin languages

Kenneth Baclawski: deictic phenomena

Helga So-Hartmann: prefixal valence-affecting phenomena

K.V. Subbārāo: suffixal valence-affecting phenomena

Lalnunthangi Chhangte: Verb concatenations in Mizo and related languages of the area

Kenneth VanBik: Issues of Lexicon in Kuki-Chin: An In-depth Look At Hakha Lai Lexicon

David Mortensen: Kuki-Chin phonology: An overview