2014 Conference Schedule

The Second Annual Illustration, Comics, and Animation Conference at Dartmouth 2014

(for photos of this year’s conference, please check out our FACEBOOK page)

 Friday February 28, 2014

4:30-6 Haldeman 041 Registration and Check-In

6-7 Opening Address and Book Fair: Various Center for Cartoon Studies artist-authors showcase their works (curated by CCS student Nikolaus Gulacsik)

7:30-9:00 Informal drinks/late dinner at Salt Hill (Hanover)


Saturday March 1, 2014

8:20-8:40—breakfast snacks available (outside of Haldeman 041)
(check-in table still available outside of Haldeman 041)

8:45-10:15 Session One (Haldeman 041): Mapping Graphics (Moderator: Aimee Bahng, Dartmouth College)

  • Isaac Cates (University of Vermont) “Comics ≈ Poetry + Cartography”
  • Christina Meyer (Leibniz Universität Hannover) “19th Cent. Graphic Travel Narratives”
  • Fancis Lowe (Coventry University, UK) “The Travelling Line: An animator’s journey in itinerant storytelling and illustration”

10:25-11:55 Session Two A (Haldeman 041): Motion and Guided Views (Moderator: Aaron Kashtan, Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Fatima Toturgul (New School for Social Research) “Reading Comics and Digital Technologies: Experiencing “Closure” and ‘Classic’ Format Versus Guided View™ Readings”
  • Greg Paziuk (University of Windsor) “Solving Problems”: Red Son, Motion Comics, and Interpretations of Comics Design”
  • Dale Jacobs (University of Windsor) “Exploring Mike Carey’s and David Kendall’s Houses of the Holy: Motion Comics, Multimodality, Arthrology, and Transtextuality”
  • Respondent: Aaron Kashtan, Georgia Institute of Technology

10:25-11:55 Session Two B (Haldeman 031): Lines and Marks, Stills and Screens (Moderator: Annabelle C. Cone, Dartmouth College)

  • Natalie Pendergast (University of Toronto) “Demarcations in the Marks: Fabrice Neaud’s Variations on la Ligne-expression
  • Matthew Brauer (Northwestern) “Denis Diderot, animator: early art criticism and the temporality of the still image”
  • Peter Chanthanakone (University of Iowa) “The Forgotten Drawings in 3D Animation”

12:15-1:30 Lunch (participants free to make their own arrangements)

1:40-3:10 Session Three (Haldeman 041): Out of the Box: Re-imaging the Panel (Panel Chair: James Spencer, MD)

  • Sean Antonucci (State University of New York, New Paltz) “The Materiality of “Obsolescence”: Design in Chris Ware’s Building Stories”
  • Heinz Insu Fenk (State Univeristy of New York, New Paltz) “The Reincarnation of “Krazy Kat”: Taoism, Zen, George Herriman, & the Public Domain”
  • Pauline Uchmanowicz (State University of New York, New Paltz) “If the Panel Fits: Hybrid Design in Cancer Vixen”

3:20-4:50 Session Four A (Haldeman 041): History and/as Image (Moderator: Eliot Harper, Dartmouth College Class of 2016)

  •  Rachel Graf (University of Washington) “Plain as Black and White: Race and History in Incognegro”
  • Kevin Shortsleeve (Christopher Newport University) “The Cat in the Hippie: Dr. Seuss, Nonsense, the Carnivalesque, and the Sixties Rebel”
  • Geo Sipp (Western Missouri University) “Wolves in the City – The Algerian War and Colonialism in Comics”

3:20-4:50 Session Four B (Haldeman 031): Dreams and Desire (Moderator: Laura R. Braunstein, Dartmouth College Library)

  •  Elizabeth Marshall  (Simon Fraser University) “Graphic Knowledge: The Pornification of “Little Red Riding Hood”
  • Sascha Cohen (Brandeis) “Illustrating the Movement: Cartoons of Gay and Lesbian Liberation”
  • Jessica Q. Stark (Duke) “Reading the Gutter: Liminal Community in Gilbert Hernandez’s Palomar Narratives”

5-6:30 Session Five (Haldeman 041): Comics and Autobiography (Moderator: Erin R. Landau, Dartmouth College Class of 2015)

  • Leigh Gilmore (Harvard Divinity School) “Getting a Handle on Pain in Comics and Life Narrative”
  • Frederik Byrn Køhlert, (University of Montreal) “Unstable Subjectivities: Autobiographical Selves in Comics and Moving Image Hybrids”
  • Ann M. M. Childs “Hybrid Point-of-Views and the Autobiographical Child”

6:40-8 Conference Banquet at Hanover Inn (Haywood Room)


Sunday March 2, 2014

8:20-8:40—breakfast snacks available

8:45-10:15 Session Six (Haldeman 041): Cinema, Knowledge, and Identity (Moderator: Andrew J. Feather, Dartmouth College, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Class of 2015)

  • Sarah Hamblin (UMASS Boston) “Graphics of Attraction: Graphic Novels and Early Cinema”
  • Christopher Lehman (St. Cloud State University) “Animating the ‘Help’: Labor, Social Place, and the Hollywood Cartoon Mammy”
  • Panpan Yang (NYU) “Cultural Identity and Digital Nostalgia: Ink-and-wash Animation As A Case Study”

10:25-11:55 Session Seven (Haldeman 041): Psyche, Physicality, & Poetry (Moderator: Margaret E. Tierney, Dartmouth College Class of 2014)

  • Valentino Zullo (Case Western)  “What’s Diagnosis Got to Do With It?: Superheroes and Graphic Medicine
  • Andrew Kunka (University of South Carolina, Sumter) “Why did Matt Kindt Light my Book on Fire? Kindt and the Physicality of the Text”
  • Kian Bergstrom (Roosevelt) “Philip Sidney and Cerebus: Virtuous Delight Among the Earth Pigs”



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  1. I am the creator of the PreTeena comic strip (Universal Press Syndicate) and the co-creator of the Roadhouse Sons graphic novel series – all homegrown here in Keene, New Hampshire. I was astonished to learn of the DartmouthComics Conference by chance in a radio news item. I would welcome learning more.

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