The Illustration, Comics, and Animation Conference
Dartmouth College May 8, 9, 10th 2015

Friday May 8th
4:00 PM-5:00PM Center for Cartoon Studies Book Festival
Haldeman 031

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5:00 PM – 6:30PM A Conversation with James Sturm (Center for Cartoon Studies)
Haldeman 041      and Enrico Riley (Dartmouth) moderated by Brian Cremins ‘95
(Harper College) and Nhora Lucia Serrano (Harvard) co-sponsored by The Comics Studies Society

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6:30-7:00PM Center for Cartoon Studies Book Festival
Haldeman 031

Saturday May 9th
8:20 -8:40 AM Breakfast Snacks Available Outside of Haldeman 041

session one
8:45-10:15          Noah Berlatsky The Hooded Utilitarian: A roundtable with
Haldeman 041    Jeffrey Sharlet (Dartmouth) moderated by Laura Braunstein
(Dartmouth Libraries)

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session two (a)  Pictures, Seriality, and Context
10:25-11:55 Haldeman 041

Michael A. Chaney (Dartmouth) “March after Ferguson:
Pessimism, Pictures, and Black Protest”
Stephen Roxburgh (University of New Hampshire) “‘In Simplicity
a Subtle Strangeness’: When a Comic is a Picture Book”
Christopher M. Kuipers (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) “Serial
Recovery: Resituating Jimmy Corrigan in The Acme Novelty Library”

session two (b) Crossing Comics Cultures 10:25-11:55 Haldeman 031

Annabelle Cone (Dartmouth) “Belgianness, the Post-Colonial and
the Exotic in Jijé’s Jerry Spring
Derek S. McGrath (Stony Brook University) “Teaching Manga in
the Classroom, at Fan Conventions, and Online”
Forrest C. Helvie (Norwalk Community College) “Who Gets to be
Annie Wang (Pittsburg State University) “Double Consciousness in American Born Chinese: Inspiration from the Monkey King”

12:15-1:25 Lunch (Participants free to make their own arrangements)

1:40-3:10Haldeman 041

session three On “Cartozia Tales” a discussion with the creators

“Influences and Confluences: Building a World Together” (Shawn Cheng)
“The Cartographic Surface of the Comics Page” (Isaac Cates, University of Vermont)
“Making It Up: the Narrative Challenge of Serialized Collaboration” (Mike Wenthe, Georgetown Day School)


session four (a) New Media! New Art?
3:20-4:50 Haldeman 04 1

Farley Chery (Fitchburg State) “The Hidden Art Form: Secrets of 3
Dimensional Comics”
Geo Sipp (Kennesaw State University) “Illustration and
Animation in the Current and Future Marketplace”
Frederik Byrn Køhlert (Université de Montréal) “Autobiographical
Comics and the Problem of New Media”

3:20-4:50Haldeman 031Session four (b) “A Bloody Wave of Civil Disorder”: Conceptions of the Political and Identity In and Around Watchmen moderated by
Matthew Cheney MALS ’07 (University of New Hampshire)

Colleen Gilbert (University of New Hampshire) “Not So Black and
White: Rorschach’s Mask as a Challenge to the Reader/Text
Relationship in Graphic Narratives”
Elizabeth Sheckler (University of New Hampshire) “Watching You
Watching Me: The Politics of the Gaze in The Watchmen and
Citizen 13660
Sophia White (University of New Hampshire) “Inherently
Ambiguous: The Doomsday Clock, Investigations of Time, and
Comic Structure in Evaluating Morality in Alan Moore’s
Matthew Cheney (University of New Hampshire) “Frames of
Fascism: Aesthetics of Incertitude in V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and
From Hell

Session five John Jennings (SUNY Buffalo) and the Black Kirby Project
Haldeman 041

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.37.32 PM

6:40-8:00 Banquet at the Hanover Inn

Sunday May 10th
8:20 -8:40 AM Breakfast Snacks Available Outside of Haldeman 041

session six Comics, Constructions, & Collections
8:45-10:15 Haldeman 041

Paul Robertson (Colby-Sawyer College) “Constructing Selfhood in
Depictions of Hell: Ancient Myth, Modern Comic”
Paul Young (Dartmouth College) “‘Make Mine Marienbad’: Alain
Resnais’s Comics Collections”
Joshua Lupkin (Tulane University) “Curatorship and conflict in
contemporary small press comics”


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