Guest Artists

Friday February 28, 2014

Curator Nikolaus Gulacsik has arranged a book fair of several talented author-artists from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. The artists will exhibit and discuss their works from 6PM to 7PM in Haldeman Room 041.


“Depression” J.A. Carvajal

Artists include:

Carl Antonowicz
CCS Alumni
“The Black Dog & the Hole at the Heart of the World, Parts 1,2 and 3”

John Carvajal
CCS 2015
“The Monkey and the Tortoise”

Nicole Georges
CCS Fellow 2013-2014
“Invincible Summer 22”

Ben Gowen
CCS 2014

Eleri Mai Harris
CCS 2014
“Vote First or Die: A History of the New Hampshire Primaries”

"Unovis" by Nik James

“Unovis” by Nik James

Nik James
CCS 2015
“Genre Work: Double Feature”

Tom O’Brien
CCS 2014
“Rita Stories Vol.1” and “Pouty Pope, books 1,2 and 3”

Simon Reinhardt
CCS 2014
“Cemetary Road”

Rebecca Roher

CCS 2015
“The Man and His Two Wives”

"Bibliomancy" by Rebecca Roher

“Bibliomancy” by Rebecca Roher

Jonathan Rotsztain
CCS 2015
“Everything That’s Wrong With My Body”

Sarah “Chu” Wilson
CCS 2015
“Bandit Mountain”

Iona Woolmington
CCS 2015
“Gunsight Gap”

CCS Class of 2015 Secret Valentine Anthology
Edited by Peter Basch


"Sweet Potatoes" by Iona

“Sweet Potatoes” by Iona Woolmington









Guest Artists for the 2013 Conference

We are proud to have Jeremy Love in attendance at the conference. Love is an award-winning writer, illustrator, and animator, whose critically-acclaimed serialized graphic novel Bayou, from DC/Zuda, was nominated for an Eisner award and won five Glyph awards. Making his debut over a decade ago, Love has also worked on creator-owned projects for Dark Horse (Fierce, Shadow Rock), on established properties such as G.I. Joe, Batman, and Fraggle Rock, and on various animated projects.




We are also proud to host Milton Knight, a veteran of comics, illustration, painting, and animation.  Knight’s illustration credits include Heavy Metal, High Times, National Lampoon, and Nickelodeon Magazine. His work on Ninja Turtles comics enabled him to move to the West Coast in 1991, where he became an animator and director on Felix the Cat, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and other cartoons. In addition to several installments of Graphic Classics comics, Knight has created such comics as Hugo, Midnite the Rebel Skunk, and Slug and Ginger.


The Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation presents Parallel Lines: Comics and Animation. Launched in 2010 by Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, Eyeworks focuses on abstract animation and unconventional character animation. For this Dartmouth conference, Eyeworks has put together a special program of work highlighting the overlap between alternative comics and experimental animation. The screening will showcase both classic and contemporary works on this theme, highlighting narrative and graphic parallels between the two forms. The program is focused specifically on animations made by individual artists, similar to the way that many alternative comics are made with a singular vision.