The "I." in I.Mu.se.o stands for "interactive." In this virtual meeting point students of Early Modern Spanish culture are able to curate the collections as well as reflect on and write about them.


"Mu." stands for "Museum." In Spanish, museums used to be known as “Salas de Maravillas,” “Gabinetes de Curiosidades,” "Camarines," and of course "Museos." They comprised mesmerizing collections of costly, rare, exotic, and artistic objects from all over the world.


"se." is short for Spanish Early Modern. I.Mu.se.o builds on the age-long tradition of collecting and displaying with the pedagogical purpose of sparking the curiosity about Early Modern Spain and its cultures in the academic setting.


"o" goes for objects. The notion of object is very flexible and wide. It accounts for early modern things that continue to exist in various settings and media such as texts, movies, painting, engraving, photographs, and so on.