International History Group Past Events:


Stalin’s Foreign Policy – Waiting for Hitler

American Revolution and the Making of a New World Empire

Planning against Planning:  The Mont Pelerin Society and the Origins of Neoliberalism

Toward a New Understanding of the Vietnam War



Triumphalism and Its Legacy:  Reassessing US Foreign Policy at the of End of the Cold War, 25 Years On

“Spanish Ships and Allied Strategy in the Atlantic Borderlands of World War II”

A Mecca for Economists and Planners”: Economists’ Pilgrimages to Nehru’s India

The End of the Soviet Empire: 1991, the Ukraine, and Putin


The Danger of the Single Story’: African Americans’ Anticolonialism in the Early Cold War

Culture and U.S. Foreign Policy During the Cold War

At the Very Moment that Grands Ensembles are Formed: The Algerian war and the

Nation-State Question

Daddy Issues: Legacy vs. History at Our Presidential Libraries

Down on the Midwestern Farm: Security and Empire as seen from the ‘Isolationist Capital of America’


‘My Russian Self’: The Frustrated Emotions of George F. Kennan

Indigenous Representation By Petition: Transformations in Iroquois Complaint and Request, 1680-1760

Archipelago Capitalism, Or What the History of Tax Havens Tells Us About the Nation-State, 1870s-1980s

Making a State in 1776: Political Economy, Imperial Politics, and the Declaration of Independence

Dictators, Diplomats, and Dissidents: United States Human Rights Policy in the Long 1960s


Death and the War Power

Gorbachev’s Asian Pivot and the End of the Cold War

A “New” History of Vietnam? Reconsidering the Questions of Colonialism, Collaboration, and Modernity

The Cold War: A History

Where are the Nations of Immigrants?