Jack-O-Lantern History

The Jack-O-Lantern was founded in 1908. Its most famous alumni include Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, Buck Henry (The Graduate), Chris Miller (Animal House), Norm MacLean, Robert Reich (former Secretary of Labor, Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate), and… uh…

Okay, let’s be perfectly honest, here – nobody is interested enough in the history of the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern to have clicked on the history link. You must be here by mistake. Or perhaps you’re an alumnus of Dartmouth, killing ten minutes in some fancy-pants New York office, browsing the Internet for news on your alma mater while musing on the default risk of some particularly hairy junk bond transaction? You wish that were the case. You graduated last year, and you’re living at home, loafing around, surfing the Internet, and staring for numb hours at your recently-awarded degree, justifying your post-collegiate ennui with a desire to wait until the employment rate turns around in the financial sector.

If you really want some sort of history of the Jacko, here’s a paper written by Mike Weiss, class of 2002. He says it got a B+.

But kidding aside, you should go find a job.