30 January 2018 – Ji’s paper on the catalytic vinylogous cross-coupling reactions of rhenium vinylcrabenoids just published in Chem. Sci. [link]

10 January 2018 – Maria’s paper on the annulation of azaoxyallyl cations with nitriles and cyanamides just published in Org. Lett. [link]

05 October 2017 – Norris Cotton Cancer Center video featuring Jimmy Wu and other ACS cancer researchers at Dartmouth. See time stamps at 1m53s; 4m03s; and 5m41s.  

12 July 2017 – Ji’s paper on small molecules with ant-MRSA activity was published in J. Antiobiotics (Tokyo) today! [link]

03 March 2017 − Ji’s paper on transition metal-free indole arylation reactions just published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. [link]

06 February 2017 − Hui and Tim’s paper on apoptotically active desmethyl/epimeric monomeric nuphar alkaloids has just appeared in JOC [link]

29 July 2016 − Martin, Maria, Hui, and Xinping’s paper on small molecule GLP-1 secretagogues was published in Scientific Reports [link]

05 February 2016 − Hui’s paper on the discovery of the 1st apoptotically-active monomeric nuphar alkaloids was published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. [link]

17 November 2015 − Maria’s paper on the synthesis of pyrroloindolines via dearoamative indole (3+2) reactions was just published in JACS. [link]

23 October 2015 − Hui’s paper on vinylogous Mukaiyama−Michael (vM−Michael) reactions was just published in Org. Lett. [link]

Nuphar Synthesis News Releases:
          25 August 2015: Norris Cotton Cancer Center [link]
          21 July 2015: EurekAlert! [link]

17 July 2015 − Sasha and Hui’s paper on the synthesis of the dimeric Nuphar alkaloids has just been published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. [link]

08 October 2014 Dartmouth NOW piece summarizes our research [link]

18 August 2014 − Markku’s paper on formal hydroamination reactions has been published. [link]

06 August 2014 − NIH grant was funded (NIGMS R01GM111638-01). [link]

30 July 2014 − Our review on catalytic nucleophilic fluorination reactions was just published. [link]

28 May 2014 − Our eROS submission on diethylphosphorothioic acids was just published. [link]

18 April 2014 − Hui’s paper on dearomative indole cyclization reactions just appeared in JACS on ASAP. [link]