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Working Papers

Are High-Interest Loans Predatory? Theory and Evidence from Payday Lending (March 2020)
with Hunt Allcott, Joshua Kim, and Dmitry Taubinsky

We are all behavioral, more or less: Measuring and using consumer-level behavioral summary statistics (March 2020)
with Victor Stango

Credit building or credit crumbling? A Credit Builder Loan’s Effects on Consumer Behavior, Credit Scores and Their Predictive Power (July 2019)
with Jeremy Burke, Julian Jamison, Dean Karlan, and Kata Mihaly

Dangers of a double bottom line: A poverty targeting experiment misses both targets (June 2019)
with Dean Karlan and Adam Osman

Financial education and access to savings accounts: Complements or substitutes? Evidence from Ugandan youth clubs (2014)
with Julian Jamison and Dean Karlan

Archived Working Papers

Quicksand or bedrock for behavioral economics? Assessing foundational empirical questions (Jul 2017)
(This paper will be superseded by a new paper with more data and a somewhat different focus)
with Victor Stango and Joanne Yoong

The quest for parsimony in behavioral economics: New methods and evidence on three fronts (Feb 2017)
(This paper is being superseded by newer papers, one on each of the three fronts)
with Victor Stango and Joanne Yoong

Household borrowing high and lending low under no-arbitrage (2007)

Consumer homing on payment cards: From theory to measurement (2007)
with Chris Snyder

The impact of liquidity on household balance sheets: Micro responses to a credit card supply shock (2003)