• Smoking makes a comeback at the Oscars

    In stark contrast to the American drive to leave tobacco in the past, a shocking 86% of  Oscar-nominated films this year featured tobacco usage. Read the UCSF’s Smoke Free Movies campaign’s article here, and access their detailed fact sheet here.

  • Coca-Cola Plans to Make a Buzz in Japanese Markets

    Coca-Cola plans to launch an alcoholic drink product in Japan later this year as it seeks to get in on the growing “Chu-Hi” market. Chu-Hi, referring to canned carbonated flavored drinks with a Japanese spirit called shochu, are similar to western societies’ alcopops (sweet alcoholic drinks). Will this become a …

  • Baby Fat? New study shows childhood obesity isn’t going away

    Despite increased research and public health focus, America’s obesity epidemic has not slowed. In fact, researchers are disheartened by the dramatic jump in obesity rates among our youngest children, aged 2 to 5 years old. This is especially the case among historically disadvantaged ethnic groups whose food habits are closely …

  • Marlboro not yet ready to give up on cigarettes

    Despite New Years resolution to “give up cigarettes“, chief operating officer at Philip Morris USA confirms the continued effort to stabilize and promote the Marlboro brand. Strategies for 2018 include redesigned product packaging, enhanced trade programs, user-friendly online presence, and even a rewards program. Read more here.