• Artificial trans fats are officially a thing of the past

    The U.S. is about to hit the one month mark since going trans fat-free. The Food and Drug Administration ruled in 2015 that artificial trans fats were unsafe to eat, giving food producers three years to catch up with new guidelines. Read more here.

  • Antismoking campaigns in France contribute to a million smoking cessations

    The French Department of Public Health reports that one million daily smokers have quit within the last year, which authorities attribute to recent anti-smoking measures and higher cigarette taxes. The statistic of daily smokers in France has dropped from 13.2 million to 12.2 million. Read more here.

  • Rhode Island Eliminates Junk Food Marketing in Schools

    Rhode Island has successfully passed two bills prohibiting the advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages on school property. Now any food marketing must meet minimum nutrition standards, affecting approximately 140,000 students. Read more here.

  • San Fran votes Yes on Prop E

    Despite opposition from a tobacco industry-funded campaign, San Francisco County voters passed a measure to ban the sale of flavored tobacco a few weeks ago. Former NYC mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said, “[this] shows that the tobacco industry, no matter how much money it spends on misleading ads, can be …

  • Alcohol and tobacco remain leading causes of preventable death in the US

    Even amid America’s opioid crisis, the World Health Organization’s latest research reminds us that it is tobacco and alcohol abuse that do the most harm – killing almost 6,000,000 people a year. The abuse of alcohol and tobacco robs the global population of over 200,000,000 more disability-adjusted life-years than illegal …

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