The mission of the C. Everett Koop Institute is to advance health and well-being through disease prevention. The Institute seeks to better understand health threats posed by consumer products such as tobacco, alcohol, and highly processed foods — and to promote policies and interventions that protect the public health.

Chronic diseases—cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lung disease—are major determinants of health in the 21st Century.  Chronic diseases are now the main cause of death in developed, middle income, and developing countries.  They result, in large part, from the use of consumer products—e.g., tobacco, alcohol, highly processed foods—products produced and mass marketed by large multinational conglomerates.  The C. Everett Koop Institute aims to promote behavior change at individual, community and corporate levels in the interest of preventing non-communicable diseases world-wide.  The corporate focus is on how health harming products are produced and marketed.