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THE DARTMOUTH LEADERSHIP PROJECT prepares students for a lifetime of responsible leadership. A co-curricular complement to Dartmouth academics, the Leadership Project leverages our liberal arts focus to ensure that every Dartmouth undergraduate student develops the mindset and specific capacities needed to lead in the 21st century, regardless of their personal, intellectual, and professional fields of interest.

Leadership is collaborative strategic action that positively affects one’s own communities. Grounded in the principle that leadership is action rather than position, and a collaborative practice rather than a character trait, the Dartmouth Leadership Project equips all students to lead not only from the top, but “from behind”, “from below” and “from within” any given community.

When the Leadership Project is fully implemented, all undergraduate students will have access to a four-year sequence of experiential learning programs in the foundations of leadership. Students will also have the opportunity to complete self-defined capstone projects that solidify their leadership mindset and capacities.

“Preparing our students to be leaders is, in my mind, the most important work that we do at Dartmouth….Regardless of the career path they choose, Dartmouth graduates will use the timeless skills afforded them by their liberal arts education to have an impact on the world around them. These aren’t simply the capacities employers seek; they’re the foundational qualities of true citizen-leaders.”

—President Philip J. Hanlon ’77