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The Academic Skills Center aims to provide the students of Dartmouth College with practical skills that they can use in order to become more successful students. Recently, our office came across a textbook that claims to be “a student’s guide for classroom and career success”. As we are always looking for new materials in order to inspire and encourage our students, I have decided to read through and provide a thorough review of this book. ...continue reading "Blueprint for Success in College and Career: A Book Review"

It seems like just yesterday we were all traveling back to campus from our long winter break. Now it’s the beginning of March, and it’s time to reflect and see if those goals and New Year’s Resolutions are on the road to being reached. With a limited number of class meetings left in the term and finals quickly approaching, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that is still left to be accomplished. ...continue reading "6 Tips to Finish Off the Term Strong"