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Some of the newly admitted 23’s are already e-mailing me, asking what advice I have about getting a good start and/or doing well academically at Dartmouth. I think it’s great that they (you) are thinking and planning ahead, which is probably the most important thing you can do well before September 16th, the first day of classes, and the start of your Dartmouth academic careers.

Here are my suggestions: ...continue reading "Dear Class of 2023"

If you go on YouTube and type "morning routines," you are bombarded with picture perfect routines: students getting up at 5:00am, working out until 6:00am, drinking coffee (or a protein shake) on their window seats to watch the sunrise and catching up on their pleasure reading of the month; all well before 7:00am. These are all great activities to start the day off with, but for most Dartmouth students, or any college student for that matter, this is far from reality. ...continue reading "A Productive Day Begins the Night Before"