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Remote Learning Resources & What to Expect from the ASC

Now that we’re all gearing up to take on this new endeavor of remote learning, it’s time to buckle down and get to work. The Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth thought that it would be helpful to you all to receive some tips regarding remote learning from us and our fellow peer institutions. During this time, remember that you are not alone and that you have a whole team behind you and rooting for your success. 

Many colleges are conducting remote learning, so here are some good tips, tools, and strategies from our peer institutions regarding how you can best tackle your spring term: 

Northwestern University, Learning During COVID-19 

Harvard University, Learning Remotely 

Princeton University, Engaging and Learning Online

Yale University, Academic Continuity - Guiding Principles for Students 

Now, what are we at Dartmouth doing? The Academic Skills Center and the Tutor Clearinghouse strive to provide peer academic support to students taking online courses during Spring Term 2020.  Our priority will be on group tutoring offered through our Academic Study Groups and Resident Experts programs. 

Students can register for a study group and attend weekly virtual meetings for select courses. Resident Experts will provide remote weekly drop-in sessions for introductory/foundational courses in chemistry, economics, mathematics, and physics. Please consider enrolling in a study group or using a Resident Expert drop-in session before requesting an individual tutor.  

We will also be conducting Remote Reading Skills meetings for anyone that is interested in learning about how to enhance their study strategies and reading comprehension while taking online classes. Feel free to set up an individual Zoom meeting with Carl Thum, Ph.D., who will share strategies and techniques that can help you successfully complete your reading assignments.

We will also still be having our personal academic coaching sessions through Zoom lead by Carl Thum, PH.D.  and Karen AfreVisit our website for remote learning tips and information about our remote spring term services. And check out more posts on the Academic Skills Center’s blog for tips on how to survive this remote spring term. 

In addition, while you cannot physically visit the library during this time, the Baker-Berry library staff are still very much committed to seeing you succeed this spring term. Feel free to contact a librarian in your subject/department directly and visit their page on “Remote Teaching & Learning with Library Resources to learn more.  

Please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Skills Center & the Tutor Clearinghouse if you have any questions regarding 20S, remote academic programming, and/or tutoring services!

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