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At the end of every term, the Tutor Clearinghouse sends out a feedback form to all tutees, asking for feedback on their academic mentors. In 17F, Kensington Cochran '20, PSYC 6 tutor and study group leader, and Henry Burns '19, MATH 8 and MATH 13 tutor, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their tutees. We wanted to share what their tutees had to say about them, as well as their thoughts on what makes their relationship with their tutees so positive and successful.

Photo of Henry Burns '19
Henry Burns, Peer Tutor, Tutor Clearinghouse










What Henry's says about tutoring:

"Tutoring is without a doubt the best job I've ever had. I love getting to work directly with other students to help them with subjects I'm passionate about. The students I tutor are incredibly hardworking, and it's always great to see the progress they make throughout the term. Also, I often find that I understand a subject better myself when I teach it to others."

What Henry's tutees had to say about him: 

"He worked with me every step of a problem and never once made me feel as though I wasn't capable of figuring it out." 

"He would always take time to slow things down for me and offer helpful tips and tricks."

Thanks, Henry!

Photo of Kensington Cochran
Kensington Cochran, Peer Tutor and Study Group Leader, Tutor Clearinghouse










What Kensington says about tutoring:

"I think the reason tutoring through the Tutor Clearinghouse is so successful is that every tutee really wants to learn the material, and that creates a positive, enjoyable, and productive learning environment."

What Kensington's tutees say about her:

"She was literally amazing, super flexible with meeting me and went above and beyond with providing resources."

"She's so great at explaining concepts and visual conceptualizations."

Thanks, Kensington!

Henry and Kensington continue to be a great help to the Tutor Clearinghouse as academic mentors. We are so lucky to have them!

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